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Tiger Woods Score: Strong finish in Round 4 gives sweet US Open 2019 a sweet touch

PEBBLE BEACH, California, USA. As the 43-year-old father was attracted to, he did not help Tiger Wood's performance on Father's Day in the final round at the 2019 US Open in Pebble Beach. Long-sleeved under a fake shirt under a v-neck vest, Woods fired a 69 to end the disappointing week. Much like most of his first return to Pebble Beach for seven years, only Woods was not as keen as he needed to be. Everything was just a little … gone. Let's go into detail on Wood's final lap before looking at where he left after a mediocre appearance in the third major of 201


Front Nine (2-over 37): That could have been worse, much worse. Woods started with four bogies in his first six holes, before finally making some good starts on the par-3 and par-4-8 holes. These two shots led to straightforward birdies and a front nine, which seemed to drift towards 40, was saved from total catastrophe. Woods finished the race on the 9th with a four to put his lead in the background.

Back Nine (4-under 32): Here everything turned for Woods. Four birdies in the last six holes of the championship put him in a much better position in the standings and sealed what would be his best 18-hole result of the week and the best final round at the US Open (69) in the last 10 years , Similar to the first three days, the late birdies caused a stir, but also thoughts about what could have been, had not the mistakes been earlier in the round.

Setting of the Day: Woods needed some juice and drank this 4m Birdie Putt at 13 to start the late race.

What's going on: Tiger is unlikely to resume until after the Open Championship in four weeks. This ends his big championship season, the most successful in ten years. Nevertheless, the body is always worried and will probably always go ahead. Woods looked stiff at times, wearing KT tape on his neck.

"When it's so cold, it hurts. It's just part of the business," Woods said. "… the forces have to go somewhere and if they are not in the lower back, they are in the neck and if not, they are in the middle back and if not, they go to the knee you call it, let me put it this way: I feel every shot I make, I think that will always be the right place. "

That's not the main reason for his struggles this week, but it certainly was not. It has been cold and humid all week, the kind of weather that gets into your bones and you can not get it out. Tiger has done best to shake off all sorts of distractions in the periphery, including weather and pain, but this week in Pebble Beach was another in a long line of memories that he can not do it forever.

In the place where he was the most immortal he ever was in 2000, Tiger 2019 appeared vulnerable, aging and temporarily weak. That's what 19 years and four back surgeries do to you. Just like the rocks in the Pacific Ocean on the edge of the 18th fairway, which have been worn down over time by the hitting of a billion waves, Woods is not quite what it used to be. And in this game, the gap between "not quite" and "full throttle" can be 10 or 20 strokes wide, as was this week between Woods and the leaders.

Tiger Woods could still compete for big championships. We're just not going to get the version of the man who took our breath away in this breathtaking place. Just like the development of an ocean and the country whose shape changes, this edition of Tiger may be less stable, but also far more interesting.

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