Sports Pulse: USA TODAY Sports # Steve DiMeglio discusses the upcoming tournament and why it will pose many obstacles for golfers.

After a top-five finish earlier this month at Quicken Loans National, Tiger Woods is back on track this week and looking for his first big one Championship victory since the 2008 US Open

The 14-time Major Champion will play this week at Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland in the third golf tournament, the Open Championship.

Tiger last played The Open in 2015, missed the cut and finished 137th

Tiger beats at 10:21 ET alongside Hideki Matsuyama and Russell Knox. Follow the shot-by-shot analysis of his opening round.

Hole 6 – Par 3

Hole 5 – Par 4

Another iron, another fairway for Tiger. He did not like his approach, and with good reason. He loses it to the right of the green. Luckily, his ball rolled from a hill into a flat area where he has a good chance of pacing up and down. Had his ball stayed on the hill, he would have had a clumsy posture and a ridge to play on the green. What an effort here. Tiger goes with the putter and plays the hills and slopes perfectly, but leaves the putt a turn short. Par. 2 to 5 .

Hole 4 – Par 4

Another iron from the tee for Tiger, and this one might have been bad. He plays the contours of the fairway and hits a hill to avoid a burn. Useful approach here from Tiger. When he asks for his ball to come down, he rolls within 5 feet of the cup for another birdie chance. That's number two! Tiger drops the putt easily, 2-4 .

Hole 3 – Par 4

Tiger goes back to number 3 and lands it in the right rough, but it takes a friendly kick into the fairway. Tiger's second shot finds the right side of the green. Good, not great, effort by TW. His putt is still missing, but it is a simple tip. 1 to 3 .

Hole 2 – Par 4

This is a 3-wood tee off for Tiger, and judging by the club swirl, he loves it. Middle left side of the fairway, another great tee. Tiger plays this one safe and lands the ball pin-high on his approach to the center of the green. He will watch Birdie for a long time. Tiger tried, but misses only a few inches. Par. 1-bis 2 .

Hole 1 – Par 4

Tiger goes with an iron from the tea and strikes it in the middle of the fairway. Carnoustie is incredibly dry, so this race rolled down the fairway. Expect the Big Cat to set massive numbers this week. From a distance of 134 meters, Tigers approaches the front right edge and kicks in the direction of the hole, leaving Birdie on No. 1 with a great view. BANG. This is a birdie on No. 1 for Tiger, 1-under 1 .

What is that about Tigers neck …?

Tiger emerged on Thursday and wore KT tape on his neck sends social media on fire with health status. No big deal, says USA Golf Player TODAY Sports, Steve DiMeglio.

Earlier the day

Kevin Kisner took the early lead and shot a 5-under 66 thanks to an eagle and four birdies (not to mention his par saves 10, 20 and 12 feet on the last three holes). Kisner needed only 22 putts to bypass the course.