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Tim Cook says keep Apple away from technical separation talks


Tim Cook says Apple is not a monopoly.


Apple boss Tim Cook says he's fed up with cutting all tech companies out of the same stuff, especially vocal figures in Washington who demanded the dissolution of his company .

"I'm frustrated that technology is being painted monolithic, technology is not monolithic," Cook said during an interview with CNBC and compared the idea to the idea that all restaurants are the same.

The suggestion that tech giants must be dissolved was voiced in March by Senator Elizabeth Warren. The presidential candidate of the Democrats said that technology companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have too much influence on our lives and would like to see them separated.

In Apple's case, Warren states, Apple's App Store gives the company too much a competitive edge.

"Apple, you have to break it out of the App Store, it has to be one or the other," Warren said. "Either they run the platform or they play in the store."

Cook is not surprised how Warren sees it.

"I do not think anyone would call us a monopoly," Cook said. "We are geographically in the same place as many tech companies, and that affects the extent of the commonality."

Warren sees that tech companies gain too much power over business, society and business democracy. It also suggested passing laws that prevent large e-commerce platforms (with annual sales of at least $ 25 billion) from owning both the platform and its vendors.

"They plundered the contest and used our private information for profit, tipping the pitch against everyone else," she wrote in a blog post about the Tech Titans. "And in doing so, they hurt small businesses and stifled innovation."

During his CNBC interview, Cook also tried to distance his company from the waves of privacy scandals that permeated the tech community.

"We have no traffic in your data," he said, defending how the company curated its platform.

"We've always curated … we're not wrapped up in a pretzel because we say: 'No, that's not on our platform, no, the app does not work and therefore not on the App Store.' , he said. "I know that opened us up for criticism."

"But it's part of being a shopkeeper or whatever ̵

1; if you own the corner shop, you decide what's going on in your store."

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