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Tim Cook wants you to drop your iPhone TechCrunch

Tim Cook believes people should give up their iPhones and focus less on apps. The Apple CEO today spoke at the TIME 100 summit about the addictive nature of our mobile devices and Apple's role in the matter as he made those comments. He said the company did not intend for people to use their iPhones all the time, noting that he himself silenced his push notifications in recent months.

"Apple never wanted to maximize user time. We've never bothered to do that, "Cook said.

It's certainly an interesting claim as Apple has designed a platform where app developers can constantly pique their users with the most embarrassing notifications – from a new follower to a social Network app for sale in a shopping app at a new level added to a game and much more.

The real idea behind the messaging platform, as it may be, is that developers are actively involved ̵

1; and in Reality – should be done Time – Try to grab users' attention and redirect them back to their apps.

Such an alerting mechanism did not have to be designed.

Instead, an app Notification Platform can be created to give app developers the ability to alert users at set intervals within user control chtigen. For example, users may have indicated that they want to search their apps for the latest information at lunchtime each day.

Or Apple would have implemented an app while building the iOS App Store A kind of "newsfeed" – somewhere users could opt to check in the latest news from their installed apps on their own channel.

Or maybe Apple would have set up a messaging platform where users could choose between different classes of notifications. Urgent messages – such as security breach alerts – might have been a top-level level. while general information may have been sent as a different kind of notification. Depending on how important the app was to them, the user could choose what types of notifications they wanted.

These are just a few of many possible iterations. A company like Apple could easily have come up with more ideas.

However, the fact is that Apple's messaging platform was designed to increase engagement. It is disingenuous to say that this was not the case.

At least Apple could admit that it was another era back then, not realizing the potential damage to our collective psyche that a constantly pulsing iPhone would cause. It could show how this problem can be solved by bringing the users back under control and how they want to do more in the future.

Instead, a situation was created in which the users had to turn to the only defense left: Turn off push notifications completely. When users install new apps today, they often say no to send notifications. And with Apple's new Notification Control tools, users are now actively seeking which apps to contact.

Actually, Tim Cook also said that he did.

"If you guys do not – If you have an iPhone and you do not, I would encourage you to really do that – monitor it [push notifications]," the CEO suggested to the audience.

"What I personally did for myself is I went in and cleared out the number of notifications," Cook said. "Because I've been wondering, do I really have to receive thousands of daily notifications? It's not something that enriches my life or made me a better person, so I went in and cut that. "

Yep . Even Apple's CEO is done with all the spam and noise of iPhone apps. [19659002] Of course, the comment should be a disguised reference to the addictive nature of some social media, especially apps and Facebook in particular. Today, Apple casts barbs on Facebook whenever it's possible, well The company has fallen out of favor due to continued data breaches and constant scandals.

However, a true depiction of the past of the iPhone would be reminiscent of the Facebook app – and all its many notifications – was originally a big selling point for Apple's mobile device.

When the App Store was launched in 2008, Facebook proudly sat in a prominent position in the top row. It was heavily promoted for users because it was a prime example of the iPhone's utility: here was this popular social network that you can now access directly from your phone. Amazing!

The fact that Facebook and any other app later used the iOS push notification platform to improve their business, regardless of how it would impact users, is not the collective one Fault of app developers. The messaging platform itself had left the door wide open for this kind of psychic abuse to happen, simply because it had no user-configured, easy-to-use controls.

Above: The App Store Launching on the NYT

A decade after launching the App Store, Apple finally began to focus on the free usage right again. [19659002] At WWDC 2018, a number of digital wellness tools were announced, including Screen Time (a dashboard for tracking and limiting usage). increased parental control; and finally, a way to silence the barrage of notifications without digging through the iOS settings.

Now Tim Cook wants to make us believe that Apple never wanted to provoke this addiction and distraction – even though it created exactly the platform that made everything possible, which in turn was for selling equipment contributed.

Is not it true that Exec had to silence his own iPhone with these new tools? Is not that a concession for guilt? "

" Every time you pick up your phone, it means that you're taking your eyes off the person you're dealing with, right? "Cook continued. "And if you look more at your phone than at someone else's eyes, you're doing the wrong thing," he said. "We want to let people know what they are doing. This thing will improve over time, just like everything else we do. We will introduce innovations there, as we do in other areas. "

" Basically, we do not want people to use their phones all the time. This has never been a goal for us, "said Cook.

Except, of course, for the 10 years that it was in.

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