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Tim Tebow causes a stir at Double-A

Tim Tebow has been raving about recently. After a slow start, he went 2-for-4 on Thursday and raised his average for Double-A Binghamton to 0.318 in June and .261 / .335 / .398 with five home runs for the season.

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"Tim Tebow suddenly looks like a professional baseball player," headlined the New York Post on Wednesday. "I saw him in Columbia last year," Hartford manager Warren Schaeffer told the Post. "He's very tough at the moment, we had a tough time against Tim Tebow, he's good on the ball, he's a strong kid and his approach has gotten a lot better."

"Sorry hater, Tim Tebow starts" thriving "in Double-A, read the headline Thursday at MLive.com, which quotes Harrisburg manager Matt Lecroy from the same story in the post and says," We have boys who did not play for five, six, seven years He had the success he had at Double-A, many people thought he could not do that, and now he's evolving into Double-A. "

The headline of The Big Lead was more in your face: "Tim Tebow Update: Just call him." The author's argument: "Bring Tebow to the show, whether he deserves it or not, that could come closest to him happens, why not now? "

The whole Tim Tebow act may not interest you, die-hard baseball fan and protector of purity, but the sporty fan is very interested. Tebow is popular. He is adorable. He is a big name.

Is he a major league baseball player? Not really. Even in his 22-game hot series, he only has one homerun with 21 strikeouts and just three walks. This relationship will not work in the long run. He also beats .318 this month thanks to a .455 average on balls in play, and even if all these hits have been rockets, he will not sustain a .455 BABIP.

On top of that, the rest of his game is limited. The report on his outfield game has never been positive and he has seen all his action in the left field. If you've seen highlights, you'll see that he's not very fast, despite his history as a running quarterback on the day in Florida. So, if you look through the lens of a traditional perspective, its hitting would have to carry it to the majors and this tool is still mediocre.

Tim Tebow meets in .318 in June, but still he has only a home run of 21 strikeouts and only three walks for the month. Bob Karp / Daily Record on USA Today Network

Compare Tebow with former Binghamton team-mate Peter Alonso, who became Triple A after scoring .314 / .440 / .573 with 15 homers in 65 games , This is a striking view. Jeff McNeil is a 26-year-old infielder who has just been promoted to Las Vegas after hitting Binghamton .327 / .402 / .626. He was not even seen as one of the 30 best prospects of the Mets in the season.

Do Tebow earn a call to the majors in front of either of these? Of course, Tebow is not a traditional prospect and you must realize that he is better than expected, as he lacks baseball experience. Still, he'll turn 31 in August, and if he was called Jim Jebow, he would not be on a double-A list with his tools at his age. This does not mean that the miserable Mets will not consider a September cameo when a space is available on the 40-member roster. Given all the other things that have happened to the Mets this season, I think that this possibility can be seen either as an embarrassment to the franchise or as the best thing that will happen to them throughout the year.



Rhys Hoskins beats a 2-run homer and Aaron Nola fans eight over 7.2 innings in the Phillies' 4: 3 victory over the Nationals.

The Nationals must find an insult: Aaron Nola continued his monster first half as He held the Nationals to a run over 7 2/3 innings in a 4: 3 victory for the Phillies. (The Nationals made it interesting with two runs in the ninth, before Seranthony Dominguez came to get the last two outs.) My favorite part of the game was that Gabe Kapler left Nola for 114 pitches, a season high, and up – (19659007 ) Wilmer Difo topped the eighth inning with a base hit, but Kapler left Nola to face lead hitter Bryce Harper and number 2 hitter Anthony Rendon. He defeated Harper and let Rendon fly, then left after he left Juan Soto, and Adam Morgan got Daniel Murphy to escape the Inn.

Is it time to worry about the crime in Washington? The Nationals left in June 8-15 as they hit 228 / .296 / .334 a month, while only achieving 3.52 runs per game. The Royals had one of the worst offensive months you'll ever see, averaging 2.21 runs per game, and they've outhored the Nats 13-12.

Obviously Harper had big problems and hit .188 / .305 / .313 with a home run, seven runs and six RBIs. Difo has played almost every game and scored .220 / .226 / .305. Murphy's return from the DL was a fight with a .184 / .216 / .204 line in 51 record appearances. Soto was great, but you're in trouble looking for a 19-year-old who carries the offense. If Harper and Murphy do not beat, the Nationals will miss the playoffs.

Jesus Aguilar Makes All-Star Command: The Brewers began the season with three grassroots options in Eric Thames, Ryan Brown and Jesus Aguilar. Aguilar was the third choice. He started only two of the team's first 13 games. He did not start any consecutive games in the first base until May 1 and 2. The Brewers could have swapped him, but they knew he could hit Linke and the fact that they did not swap him shows that there were always doubts about the Braun-To (19659007) Now Aguilar is the best racquet on the team. He went 3-for-4 with a two-run homer in a 6-4 victory over the Reds and is up to .313 / .373 / .645 with 19 bombs and 54 RBIs:

Aguilar leads the majors with 10 homeruns and 32 RBIs with two strikes, but the most important thing first. Freddie Freeman will win and deserve the fan vote. Will Aguilar win the player's vote as a backup? With his late rise and his missing pedigree ahead of this season, it seems that the vote is likely to go to Brandon Belt or Joey Votto or Anthony Rizzo or Paul Goldschmidt (though Votto, Rizzo and Goldschmidt all started too slow and the player choice seems to be midway through June or so done). It is possible that Aguilar will make it the third baseman, although it depends on how the roster fills up once you make sure each team has a representative, etc.

Aguilar is pretty far down the road to WAR List 2.0 arrives on Thursday, finishing seventh in the NL's first basemen, but that's also because he does not have that much playing time. Among NL players with at least 150 PAs, he is second in the OPS only until Max Muncy, another big surprise.

The MVP case would rely more on "wearing the team" than on a WAR argument. Keeping in mind that the Milwaukee offense is only in the middle of the group, Aguilar was very tall. His Win Probability Added is not among the league's leaders, so there does not seem to be any evidence that he was particular in high-leverage situations. Still, it has become one of the best stories of the season and a trip to DC would be a nice treat.

Red Sox Acquire Steve Pearce: Looking for some help against lefties, the Red Sox picked up Pearce from the Blue Jays late Thursday. It will be interesting to see where you use it. The obvious move is with Jackie Bradley Jr., with Andrew Benintendi slipping to the center, and Pearce or JD Martinez playing left. He could also first join Mitch Moreland platoon, though the Red Sox love Morelands defense first. It will be interesting to see if they try Pearce on second base. He has not played the last two seasons, but in 2015/16 he played 27 games there. He also played 70 innings at third base, so he could be a platoon partner for Rafael Devers.

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