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Tim Tebow finally has an offer to return to football, with a familiar face

When Tim Tebow wants to return to football, it looks like he finally has an offer on the table. The former Florida Gators quarterback might even play in Florida.

Tebows football offer comes from Steve Spurrier, who was officially named Saturday coach of the Orlando franchise in the American Football Alliance. Spurrier does not have any players yet, but it sounds like he's very interested in adding Tebow.

"That would be wonderful," Spurrier said Monday Open Mike about the Orlando Sentinel . "I think Tim knows about our league, he knows he's welcome [to Orlando] and he wants to play, and if his baseball career is going well, he can of course choose to stick with it, which I'm sure would understand Too good and he feels the need to play football, we would certainly welcome him to Orlando. "

If you are not on the AAF, it's a new football league starting for the first time in February 201

9. The league will have eight teams in eight cities. Roster each have 50 players and are mainly built by a regional design that will take place this fall.

To distinguish the American Football alliance from its competitors, there will be no TV timeouts and 60 percent fewer commercials. Other differences include no kickoffs, and instead of onside kicks, the trailing team gets the ball on its own 35-yard line with the fourth and 10th down-down positions. There will also be a 30-second music box and mandatory two-point conversion attempts giving touchdowns.

The potential appeal to Tebow is that he could return to Florida, where he won two national championships and the Heisman Trophy. He would also play under Spurrier, an innovative offensive spirit who also won a Heisman in Florida during his time in the 1960s.

Although Tebow has played baseball for the past year and a half, he sounded open to a possible football return in February. During an interview with CNBC, Tebow said he had received several NFL offers, but not playing quarterback, which is the only position he wants to play.

"I still have offers to play other positions," Tebow said. "For me, it was more of my dream because I loved playing quarterback, but I also love baseball, so I'll live my dreams, not just what other people want me to do."

Tebow has played decent baseball but during his first two games he fought with Mets' Double-A daughter. The former first round NFL Draft pick is currently 1-for-7 (0.143 on average) with a homerun and three strikeouts.

If Tebow would accept Spurrier's offer to join the Orlando team, he would play in a stadium about 115 miles from Gainesville where he went to college. This team's proximity to the University of Florida was one of the reasons Spurrier took the job.

"When they told me there were a team in Orlando, I said," I'm very interested! "Spurrier said," I do not think I would move out of Florida, but to train a team in Orlando among all the Gators and Seminoles, and especially the UCF team. It's going to be exciting. "

Spurrier's team plays home games at The University of Central Florida's Spectrum Stadium, located about 13 miles outside of downtown Orlando, with tickets for the Spurrier team in action later this month Fans will be able to make season ticket deposits on the League's website, AAF.com, on April 17.

The AAF's debut game will be broadcast on CBS on February 9, 2019, one week after Super Bowl LIII is also aired on CBS. The network will host the American Football Alliance Championship game last weekend in April 2019.

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