Tim Tebow sharply criticized the Maryland government behind the flip-flop shot by DJ Durkin earlier this week, arguing that the university showed a bad character because she did not cling to her word and what he felt in response to a negative public.

"You have to make a decision and stay with it," Tebow said in an appearance on ESPN's First Take on Friday. "Right now (the decision to fire Durkin) shows that people are afraid to believe in something when they make a decision that looks like this:" Oh my God, social media is against us. Well, we will fire him. "Now. & # 39; You've just decided to keep it, if that's your decision, if you think it's right for the program, then it should not matter what I say, what the social media say.

"So many people want to be liked instead of being respected. And I think more universities need to stand up to what they think is right. "

The president of Maryland Wallace Loh dismissed Durkin after" an overwhelming majority of stakeholders had expressed serious concern about the return of coach DJ Durkin. "Durkin, who was blamed for offensive lineman Jordan McNair, was arrested five months ago, and collapsed on the practice field and later died of heat stroke.

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Barely 24 hours passed before Maryland changed its mind about Durkin's future.

Tebow made it clear that he did not necessarily feel that Durkin remains, and said, t The university must now bring in a "tall face, young face with high integrity" to redesign the program.

"I'm not saying that her decision was right ", he said. "But (Maryland officials) must have the courage to say that you know what & # 39; I would rather be respected than liked." And too many people in our day and age just want to be liked . "

Tebow felt Tennessee had a similar situation last year when the volunteers were hired to stop Ohio State Assistant Greg Schiano from social media and fan criticism, causing the school to reverse the course. Finally, Alabama assistant Jeremy Pruitt was hired.

"Listen, let me tell you something that social media will never be like you, there will always be naysayers, it has changed the job in Tennessee, it has changed (the job in Maryland)." Tebow added. "I want these presidents and ADs to stand up and if you say something, you mean something. Let us be men of our word and have character when we say something, when we believe in it and are convinced. I mean, people say something, it's not popular, let me change, who cares to be popular, respect, stand up for what you believe in. "