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Tinder: Dozens of men being cheated by a woman who's turned into a big dating competition for Natasha Apontes at Union Square in New York City

"Get popcorn," Twitter user @bvdhai tweeted on Sunday. What followed was a Twitter thread that followed his strange Tinder Interaction and the catastrophe that followed when he emerged on a "Date". The story he told was so cinematic, some think it was invented. But this Tinder story is real – and there are dozens of other men who can vouch for what happened.

"I'm in the process of telling you an epic story about deceptions related to the 21st century and the fall of human civilization that actually happened to me and it could happen to you," the man tweeted Gothamist as " Spencer "had identified on Sunday. "So I was on the Tinder machine a few weeks ago, packing my soul, and I fit in with a very attractive young lady, no bio. Pretty harmless," explains the man.

He said the Tinder user, whom Gothamist had identified as a woman named Natasha Aponte, asked him to text her. He did, and they started a light conversation, which made Aponte tell Spencer that she was interested in seeing him – somehow. "She leaves," actually I have this huge presentation I work for my job, would you be offended if I come back in a week or two, if I have more free time? You're cute and I want to get to know you I'm just too busy, "he told Twitter.

He guessed she" haunted "him – an excuse to ignore him and end her lyrical relationship – but a few weeks Later, a new message appeared and he realized that she did not apologize. "Then I got a text yesterday: HEY FINALLY FREE LMAO … my friend will hang up tomorrow at 6 near Union Square. I was wondering if you wanted to go a bit, "the man tweeted on Sunday.

" I'm fine, I'm going to be damned. Actually, I did not think she would send me a message, "he wrote, saying to Aponte he would meet her on Saturday in Union Square, and like a good date, he promptly appeared at 6 pm He said that He had found Aponte's Instagram profile before and saw that she describes herself as a singer, actress and model, and that she has close to 3,000 followers, which gave Spencer a break, but decided to perform anyway, unnoticed by him were dozens of other men

When Spencer arrived at Union Square, he waited for Aponte near a stage set up in the park, as she had told him to, and finally discovered his date next did, surprised him – she stepped onto the stage, surrounded by what he describes as about 100 people and some bodyguards.

"She gets the microphone and is grateful that you came out. I bet you're wondering what this is about, and I think so, what's this about, "Spencer tweeted." She says I know you're all on tinder. "Spencer looked around at all the other men

"Then she says I've invited all of you to come to a date with me and give a speech about what it's all about, date it," he wrote it makes sense for Spencer: "ALL THE TEETH THAT YOU FIND ON TINDER AND YOU ISOLATED [THING]."

At this point he decided to go home and said he was "too old" for this twisted game. Other men deceived by Aponte stayed in the park, Spencer took a picture of the scene before leaving, showing Aponte on stage in a very black outfit, and several men looked up at her, some with an amused grin, others with an expression of shock.

Another person who corresponds with Aponte On the other hand, sent their Zunderbotschaft to the Gothamists, and like Spencer Aponte invited the man to a date on Union Square Saturday. The Tinder messages seem to use almost the exact same language Spencer described.

Someone else has provided Gothamist with a video showing a group of people gathering around Apontes stage on Saturday. A man seems to be frustrated with the woman's plan and begins to sing obscenities to the woman when he leaves the crowd.

Another video shows about 11 men who actually participated in Apontes Dating "Hunger Games". A group of men who decided to stay in the park queued up to take part in a sprint competition – apparently part of the competition, to win a date with her. A large crowd gathered around the men trying to prove Aponte's attention.

Natasha: sprint race in Union Square Park, August 18, 2018 by
Gothamist continues

Aponte did not immediately respond to CBS News & # 39; s request for comment and it's unclear who she really is, if that's her real name or if her real motivation was to find a worthy gentleman. Spencer did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for a comment. His Twitter thread was retweeted by over 10,000 people and received countless answers.

"Thanks for sharing, the audacity, the boldness, the lies, the deception, you've been fooled, I kind of love," a person answered Spencer's thread. Another man regrets Spencer, gives a screenshot of his own text from Aponte and admits that he is "somehow happy" that he is late for the "Date".

Some commentators simply pointed out the sad reality: that is dated In 2018.

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