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Tips For Finding a POS Software That Does It All

Modern POS software can handle nearly everything from a business management perspective. You can find software that will manage your inventory, accounting, employees, and even your customer relationships. Having a comprehensive system will free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business, but you need to find a POS software that can do it all. Keep reading for some advice on what to look for as you shop.

Keep In Mind That Not All Software is the Same

It may seem that every software program you investigate does the same things. They all take payments, do something with your inventory, accounting, employees, and customers. You may even be considering closing your eyes and clicking on one, to get your decision over with. When it comes to choosing the right POS software, however, details matter.


You want to be thorough in your research so that you do not waste time and money on a product that will not grow with your business, or does not offer specific features you need for your business. It can be a big hassle to move things from one system to another, so make it easy on yourself by ensuring you have the right system for you from the start.


Most POS software comes with a free demo so that you can give it a test drive before you commit. It is a good idea to take full advantage of this opportunity because this way you know what the program can do, details of its functionality, and any quirks or bugs you may need to work around. You will also get an idea of how it is to work with their customer service, which will be incredibly important as you grow.

Software That Features Omnichannel Integration

As a business owner in today’s market, you probably already know the importance of an online presence. Shoppers love to be able to do their research online, then come into the store to test out or try on the item. More and more businesses are finding ways to enhance their customer service and boost revenue, by making the most of both a brick-and-mortar shop and an eCommerce outlet together.


If that isn’t enough, customers can even shop on Instagram now. Stores and influencers create posts about products and make the post “shoppable.” When users see something they like in their feed, all they have to do is click the in-photo tag to be taken to the brand or store catalog. Another one or two clicks and the product is on its way to the customer’s home.


In order to be successful at scaling your business, you need to be able to serve your customers wherever they are. A POS system that is integrated to handle multiple retail outlets is essential in supporting your growth and freeing up your time and energy. Handling all of your inventory and accounting from one place will save you the headache of trying to pull everything together so you can get the bigger picture.

Diverse Payment Options

Most people do not think ahead to find out how they can pay for their purchases. They usually walk into the store, fill their carts, and pull out their preferred method after the items have been rung. If you have ever experienced the embarrassment and frustration of getting all the way through checkout with your items bagged, to find that the store you are at does not accept the type of credit card you have, you know that is not something you want for your customers.


Anyone who goes through this often walks away with a negative memory of shopping at that location and may not come back.


You can prevent this problem by making sure that your POS software is prepared to manage any type of payment that your customers are prepared to use. Cash, credit card swipes, and gift cards are only a few options, and the possibilities are expanding.


PayPal and contactless pay are gaining popularity at cash registers across the country. Additionally, some higher-priced items may be difficult to pay for all at once. Giving the option for your customers to put the item on layaway makes for better customer service, and sales you may otherwise have not had.

Everything Else

Being able to manage your products and services across every outlet in one place, and taking payments in whatever form your customers are prepared to pay, is a solid foundation for your shopping endeavor, and will likely narrow down your search quite a bit.


However, you have plenty of other important needs that serve your clientele, and those needs will be specific to your line of business. If you own a retail business, your inventory management software will look very different than if you own a restaurant.


Your customer relationship management will look different depending on whether you own a shop with knick-knacks or clothes, a massage studio, or a garage. Your employee management will vary based on how many of them you have.

Your business is as individual as you and your customers are. With all the options and customizations out there for your software, you can surely find one that is the perfect fit. Whatever you do, make sure you look for the one that will grow right along with your business now and in the future.