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Tips for New Amazon Sellers


Whether you are a beginner or seasoned seller in Amazon, I’m sure you have given a lot of your time and invested money on this type of e-business already. So knowing these tips would help you to have stable earnings or even double your income.

SEO Keywords Are Useful

If you aren’t familiar with SEO Keywords, then it’s now the perfect time to get yourself knowledgeable about this. SEO is one of the many essential tips that could make your product at the top of the search list in Amazon.

How do you do it?

Well, Amazon offers a free search engine optimization tool that is available on their website. This tool will let you see words that you can add up to your product title or product description, and these are the words that are commonly searched by the buyers in Amazon. If you can get the right formula, I’m sure your product would be placed at the top of the search box.

Here is the formula that you can use to create an optimized and good product title:

  1.       Brand
  2.       Product line
  3.       Product description
  4.       Material
  5.       Color
  6.       Size
  7.       Quantity

Ask Your Customers For A Good Review After The Transaction

A good review is one of the things that buyers would check before they purchase your product, so encouraging your customers to post a useful evaluation about the product or their satisfaction in your service would boost the chance of customers to patronize your products.

How to have a good evaluation?

In order for you to gain positive feedback, you must know how to regularly update your client about the status of their purchased item and make sure that they are 1

00% happy throughout the purchasing process. If you failed to satisfy them with your service, do some utmost remedy before they even post negative feedback.

Amazon System Tools Provide Great Assistance

Being new to this kind of competitive e-store, sometimes adjustments would make it hard for you to do. Knowing that other seasoned sellers are already pro when it comes to promoting their products and selling their goods, and getting the attention of their loyal buyers is really hard to do.

Worry no more, because there are a lot of online system tools for Amazon sellers available online. These systems with artificial intelligence have become the business partners and assistants of many Amazon sellers who are only beginners and earned 5-6 digits after a month.  Picking the right, affordable, and user-friendly system should also be considered, and one of those systems is Helium 10. They offer Helium 10 Discount Code to help you start your career in Amazon and become a successful seller in no time.

Don’t Forget To Track Your Inventory

Neglecting your inventory and selling products without stock might get you into a big problem. One of the rules of Amazon is never to sell products that are out of stock already. They will penalize you if you do so. However, the advantage of making sure that you have enough inventory of your products, you will be rewarded by making your items at the top of the search list.

Become An Expert By Continuous Learning

Of course, improving yourself to be a better seller from time to time is one thing you should always think about. Everything has its process, and the more you get yourself familiarized about how the process works, the higher the chance you will know the perfect formula on how to sell and earn more than what you are expecting. Always remember that people would prefer buying from an expert than a beginner.