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Tips to Be Able to Live and Work in the U.S


Chasing the American Dream? 

There are different opportunities set for each and every one of us, and some of us may find these opportunities outside our own nations or abroad. 

This may be because of one of these reasons:

  1. You are paid less in your country when you can earn triple abroad.
  2. There are more job openings abroad compared to your country.
  3. You want to be with your family abroad.
  4. You want a change of environment. 

If you are planning to work or live in the United States, you should know that it’s not that hard… if you know these tips: 


  • Make Sure You Meet all the Requirements


Don’t lose hope, everyone has their chance of living and working in the US. It may not be your time now, but with some effort and dedication, you might make it in the future. 

First, here are the basic requirements that you must meet to be eligible to live in the country:


  • At least 1
    8 years of age for naturalization
  • Must have lived in the United States for 5 years as a Green Card holder or if you’re married to a US Citizen and have been living in the US for 3 years
  • You have been living for 3 months straight in the same US state or USCIS district.
  • English and Civils Test Passer
  • You have good moral character


Requirements, requirements, requirements… don’t let them pull your hopes down. They’re part of every milestone in life and if you treat them as burdens, you won’t be making any progress. 

  1. Study Your Situation

What type of work are you looking for? 

There are different classifications for non-immigrant work in the United States. For example, treaty investors and qualified employees are considered under the E-2 classification, temporary agricultural workers are under H-2A, religious workers under R-1 and so on. 

Every situation bares unique and specific requirements. 

The most common immigrant who wants to work in the United States classifies under E-2, and this means they need an E-2 Visa.

What is an E-2 Visa? 

an E-2 Visa allows treaty investors and qualified employees to work or invest in the US. As per Ashoori Law, an E-2 visa is also your way to having a green card which can grant you citizenship in the country later on. 

Treaty investors are from treaty countries. Treaty countries are the countries who have a working treaty of commerce and navigation with the US.

  1. Join the Green Card Lottery

This special lottery is not promising millions of dollars for its jackpot prize, instead, it’s a Green Card for aspiring US naturalized citizens and workers.

That’s right, this thing exists, and it can well be your easiest way through the traditional process. 

Since 2003, it’s accessible online. You can fill up a form online and let your prayers do the rest. However, some countries are not allowed to participate in the lottery. These countries are recognized to have high immigration rates to the US. Examples are: China, Philippines, Mexico, 

  1. Have a Lot of Patience

If it’s taking you too long to get approved, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Temporary non-immigrant visas can take up to weeks to several months. The Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services department reviews visa applications in the same order that they are received. This tells you that you must apply when you have the chance — as soon as you’re done piling your requirements. 

On the other hand, immigrant visas can take years! This is normal and you should be patient. You’re in the same line as everyone else. 

Take Smart Decisions, 

Waiting for an application to be approved can take a long, long time. To avoid putting all your hard work in vain, make sure you’re taking the right steps.

Read guides like this one. If you’re in the dark about the process, then educate yourself. Don’t go head first without the right tools and know-how. Good luck!