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Tips to Take Care of a Bedridden Patient at Home


If you have a bedridden loved one at home, you have to make some extra efforts to take care of that patient. A patient is directed to get complete bed rest for a couple of weeks or months for full and fast recovery from certain types of ailments and conditions. In other cases, a patient gradually loses the ability to move around and is confined to his bed. However, taking care of a bedridden patient is not as easy as it seems. You need to have an ample amount of knowledge, understanding, and empathy for proper caregiving. Also, it can be stressful to manage all the aspects of caregiving to a bedridden patient, who is entirely dependent on you for all the help. This article lists down some useful tips for you to be a good caregiver for your bedridden loved one.

Pay Attention to the Back:

A bedridden patient is lying on his back most of the time. So, it is highly essential to pay extra attention to the back. After every hour or two, change the position of the patient from left to right and right to left. You should also give a light back massage to the patient once a day. If the doctor allows, help the patient sit up for some time in a day. You must keep a contact number of non-emergency medical transportation services to deliver the patient comfortably to the hospital. Moreover, if you need to shift the patient to another home, or another city, hire a medical transportation service to travel a long distance.

Take Care of Personal Hygiene:

When a patient becomes bedbound, maintaining personal hygiene becomes the most challenging concern. As the patient cannot follow the daily hygiene practices and so he becomes entirely dependent on the caregiver for his hygiene. As a caregiver, it̵

7;s your responsibility to keep the patient hygienic. You need to assist the patient in following the hygiene routine. From brushing teeth and combing hair to changing clothes and bathing, you need to take care of all the hygiene practices of the bedridden patient. Maintaining personal hygiene plays a crucial role in the recovery of the patient. Skipping daily hygiene practices can worsen the condition. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect even the simple hygiene based task of the patient.


While it’s hard for you to manage all the aspects of care for a bedridden patient, keep in mind that it is even more difficult for a patient himself to seek your help for every single task, especially for hygiene-related tasks. Put yourself in his or shoes and understand the situation of your bedridden loved one. It’s natural to feel frustrated while taking care of a bedridden patient, but you should also make some time for yourself to relax. When you feel like suffering a burnout, hiring a professional caregiver can give you peace of mind while ensuring that your bedridden loved one is getting the proper care. Traveling of the bedridden patient is highly critical, and you should hire an international air ambulance to move the patient to another country.

Also, understand that a bedridden patient is also in a lot of distress due to his limited mobility. Thus, a bedbound patient tends to undergo mood swings and may sometimes be upset and angry. In such situations, you should not react. Instead, empathize to understand his needs and requests.