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Tips, tricks and cheats go Super Saiyajin on your opponents – TouchArcade

Just when you think that Bandai Namco has developed all the possibilities to present the popular manga and anime characters for whom he has the right to create mobile games, the company surprises you with something new. Notice, we did not say revolutionary because all the Dragon Ball Legends (Free) is the most obvious thing possible, namely to make a fighting game about super-strong characters from a franchise that just happens to be fighting over them , This stuff is not always rocket science, people. So while we had good games in other genres about the Dragon Ball gang, this is the first one that focuses strictly on them with fists, kicks, power blasts and other moves that are in the big Things look pretty impressive in terms of hitting the tar out of each other. It's pretty close to a full-on fighting game, albeit with very simple controls and some card game elements, but it makes perfect sense given the IP.

It also depends on the gacha-style "goodness" that you probably expect your fearful mittens to rely on the most powerful characters, equal parts requires hard work and good luck. Also, there are ways even fighters who We're going to make it pretty soon, but first, how about a brief overview of how to make Dragon Ball Legends as?

  Dragon Ball Legends

Whether you sacrifice Shallot, the Saiyajin or Frieza created specifically for the game in one of its many forms – the idea in each fight is the same: Reduce all three fighters in the game other teams to zero health before they do the same for you.

Mastering combat is essentially a game where you accurately estimate your wiping movements, faucets and maps. If you are wiping at an enemy, you will close the distance to melee range as you wipe back. If you're close enough to the former, you can repeatedly tap the screen to see a combination of punches and / or kicks as you start a single ki blast from a distance.

There is no blocking, but a good timed swipe on both sides can activate what is called a vanishing step, which will leave your opponent punching or blasting thin air. The disappearing step indicator (which looks like a little stick figure is running away) prevents you from spamming this move as it charges up between excesses – though it also charges up instantly when you're hit by a special attack or when you change characters. Speaking of this, you can do this by tapping on one of the other fighter portraits on the left side of the screen.

You can switch per fight indefinitely, although a cooldown timer prevents you from swapping a player you just exchanged for a certain amount of time. Below these portraits you can also see the location where you can tap on the character's special ability, which then flashes when it can be used.

The other thing you need to learn to use properly are Arts Cards, which appear in a series under the fight. At the right time, art cards can unleash a melee blast or a series of missiles that the enemy can not avoid. This causes much more damage than normal attacks. Arts Cards are powered by your ki, which sits on a gauge that charges slowly when you do nothing but move, and even faster when you tap and hold on the screen, which makes you vulnerable to your opponent's attacks , 19659002]  Dragon Ball Legends

If you use Arts Cards in a fight that match all seven Dragon Balls, you can also use a & # 39; Rising Rush & # 39; activate by tapping the icon on the right side of the screen. This powerful move combines all three fighters into one huge, very Dragon Ball explosive, and hits twice as hard if the card you selected is of a different type than your chosen opponent's. [19659002] Note that the fight is the same, whether you're playing solo story mode or PvP, you know, living human enemies can be harder than fighting the computer and they're totally cheating. I'm just having fun. Make sure you were still attentive.

Dragon Ball Legends technically uses a system of shards or fragments like many other mobile games to unlock characters, though it does so in a smart way so you do not even notice what it does first. The shards are called Z Power in this case, because everything has to be in it. Dragon Ball speak

The game does not even show the summoning function head-on and centered, which is also unusual. Instead, you can find it by tapping the "Menu" button and then the "Summon" button, which has some prickly Saiyan hair on it. Once you're in the summoning menu, what you're seeing will be pretty familiar to you if you've previously tried Bandai Namco anime games. Each Summon gives you a random number of Z-Power units for a fighter from a list of characters associated with that particular summon. It can be normal, event, and feature summons, all of which are active at a given time, each with its own list of characters and chances for better crashes.  Dragon Ball Legends

Here is the game as As we've already mentioned: Each summon gives you technical enough Z-Power to unlock a new fighter, but as it does not guarantee it's for one If you have not already, these Z duplicates will sometimes double character to the next rank. The cool thing is that every fighter in Dragon Ball Legends can reach the maximum star rank, so if you have a favorite, that's a bit of a joke, just stay with it or you can still be powerful, anywhere on the road. [19659002] A normal rarity system would simply not be enough for this franchise, so here are the rarities available in Summons for launch:

  • Hero: Starts at Null Stars
  • Extreme: 1-Star
  • Flying Sparks: 2 -star

You can bring it to the bank, that there will be more star rarities later, but those are the three you have now. Firing Characters have a 5% chance to fall from any Summon Summons and give you about 1/20 Shots per each of the most powerful fighters in the game. Each Summon has costs in Chrono Crystals, the premium currency of the game. That means you can buy it with real money, but we promised to tell you how to get your favorites for free, so we come to …

There is good news and bad news on this front. The good news is that Dragon Ball Legends is pretty generous in terms of the number of ways to get free Chrono Crystals. The bad part is that it costs 1000 of them for 10 draws at a summon, which you usually want to do. It takes a while to save enough with one of these methods to make that happen. Nonetheless, here are the ways we've already found to make these bad guys without money:

  • Story Mode : You can not only win the battle in each story chapter, but also a list of seven challenges you can solve, land things like the first punch, use special abilities, use characters a certain number of times change and so on. Each challenge grants you three Chronocrysts upon completion, but only the first time you do it.
  • Participate in the current PvP season : Although you can get rewards for any fight, win or lose, play PvP, the real reason to play is to improve the leaderboards and to achieve a higher season-end ranking. You will be rewarded for that, and said rewards include Chronocrysts, with more enemies the higher you go up. Battle your way to the top and you'll get enough Chrono Crystals for 10 summons, which is pretty good, except that you'll never be number one for a season. It is a nice dream though.
  • Level Up and Complete Missions: This is a pretty normal mobile move, but when you upgrade your character profile, you sometimes get Chrono Crystals, as well as completing the game missions. You'll find the latter (perhaps obviously) by tapping the Mission button on the main screen of the game. If you're not sure what you need to do to complete a specific mission, just tap the Details button to learn more.
  • Play Every Day Dragon Ball Legends : Once you're cool, you can choose what kind of reward you want to receive each day when you log in as you Get the reward for the next day when you receive your loot for the current day. Under these elections? You guessed it, Chrono Crystals. Not a ton of them, mind you, as it currently spends only 10 per day, but these add up after a while when combined with the other ways you can get them for free.

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