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Tod Stranding is already raking off inspirational hilarious phone game

Details on Death Stranding, the upcoming game from Hideo Kojima's studio Kojima Productions, are sparse. We do not know much more than the information we can get from the handful of teasers and trailers, and a little bit of what Kojima himself has offered – a character name here, a touch of tradition.

Despite, or perhaps thanks to the mystery, Death Stranding already inspired some … interesting rip-offs for Mobile.


Deadly Standing, officially referred to as "A Survival Game" on its Google Play page, is the most blunt direct with its theft and the results are hilarious. His artworks display shadowy, floating creatures in a rainy, gray landscape resembling images we've seen in official Death Beaching trailers.

"Everyone knows Kojumbo genius," boasts its official description. "That's why the game is brilliant."

T The description summarizes Deadly Standing as follows: "There was a global catastrophe, the big explosion changed the familiar world and the water began to disappear, all sea creatures were stranded, death spread all over the planet weird dark creatures, the birth rate of the children has stopped, but in recent years there has been a small glimmer of hope in the form of a new child. "

In Deadly Standing, your job is to do this do "take this rod" and "protect this child". For some reason, the child is in a "bottle", hence the urgent call to action in his promotional screenshots: "SURVIVE AND PROTECT THE FLASK."

As you can see in the gameplay clip posted at the top of this article: "Deadly Standing" usually makes you drive around in a relatively empty landscape in a truck that fires at creatures with hypersensitive touch controls. Really the genius of Kojumbo.

Most reviews for Deadly Standing are jokingly positive, with a 3.5 out of 5 stars on average of 136 ratings


Others were not that enthusiastic.


Cloning Games and rip-offs are nothing new or unusual for mobile app stores. This particular creator also appears to have generously borrowed from games such as Sea of ​​Thieves and Gang Beasts, and entered the Battle Royale marketplace with titles such as Last Grand Battle Royale Survivor Unknown and Last Survival Sniper against Zombie Dino on Iceland.

Earlier the same year, PUBG developer PUBG Corp filed a lawsuit against a publisher for making two games that looked suspiciously similar to PUBG.

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