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Today's love horoscope for Saturday, April 6, 2019 for all zodiac signs per astrology

Actions and words must match.

Her daily love predictions for astrology and horoscopes can be found here, Saturday, April 6, 2019, for all zodiac signs. Today, when it comes to what you love or what you want, there could be a change of mind. The Moon starts from its mighty new moon in Aries moment and enters the bull's sign of the zodiac.

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A new moon in Aries is wiping slate and cleaning things. You may be thinking about what you want in a loving relationship and you are choosing not to settle for less than you want or deserve. Aries are famous for leaving situations when they stop working, and denting to get things done is not always something Ram wants.

But now that the moon is leaving Aries, a transit begins on the weekend In times of the bull, disputes can be made. Taurus loves to keep things stable and stable, no matter what happens.

The sun in Aries is in a difficult environment with Saturn in Capricorn, and this means that you can view the effort as a true sign of a person's efforts; However, look at the time to see if someone's actions really convey love. You can see that the passion is there, but the consistency is not.

The sun in Aries is in tune with the moon on this day. You may feel an alignment in your thinking and your energy levels, and this may create a sense of trust in what you do.

A square forms between the Sun and Pluto in the middle of a Sun and Jupiter Harmony. Change can be really positive today and bring good luck.