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Todd Gurley would love to see Odell Beckham at L.A.

Todd Gurley is all for Odell Beckham Jr., who joins the Rams.

The offensive player of the year of the NFL was thrilled by the idea that the dynamic Giants receiver from 2017 allied with the most dangerous offensive offensive.

"Oh yes, that's my guy," Gurley said Thursday the Los Angeles Times. (Jared) Goff would be happy Coach (Sean) McVay would be happy (Owner Stan) Kroenke would be happy. "

The Daily News reported on Monday that for the first time The Rams already had to talk to the Giants about the potential trade for Beckham and reported on Tuesday that the broad receiver has even told a few Rams players he wants to get in.

Gurley was ashamed of being one of those players.

  Is Odell Beckham going to Hollywood? A prominent member of the Rams hopes that.

Is Odell Beckham going to Hollywood? (19659008) (Tom Pennington / Getty Images)

"Hmm, I do not want to say that," he said. "That's my boy."

The Rams lack a true No. 1 wide receiver, so Beckham is an obvious fit, and Gurley said he was not worried about how Beckham's presence would affect the touch of other players.

"There are always enough snapshots," Gurley said. "There are always enough snapshots."

The Giants have denied that Beckham is on the trading block, but also did not guarantee that he would be eligible for the next season she plays. They've heard offers and reportedly want at least two first-round picks in return for Beckham.

  Todd Gurley says to add Odell Beckham to the charged Rams attack

Todd Gurley says adding Odell Beckham to the charged Rams attack "would be awesome."

(Al Bello / Getty Images)

Beckham, 25, is in the final year of his contract, but is not supposed to play, unless he has signed a long-term deal, be it the Giants or another squad.

The wide receiver coming from the season ending A NKLE Surgery had a turbulent offseason that included a controversial video of him in bed with a French model.

At the NFL Owners' Meeting earlier this week, John Mara sounded tired of answering questions about Beckham's immaturity.

I think too often he puts himself in bad situations and he has to judge a little better, "he said," I'm not sure what exactly was in this video, but I'm tired of asking questions about Odells To answer the behavior and what the last incident is. I think he knows what is expected of him, and now it's up to him.

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