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Todd McShay mock draft 2019: What would be needed if Kyler Murray reached # 1?

It only took a few days for the 2019 NFL Combine to turn the apparent breeze on its ear. Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was tuned to the required size and weight, and the rumors have become loud that Arizona will use the # 1 option for him. It remains to be seen what to do with the accuracy of the rumors, but here we stand. [Wednesday] Rob Lowder had examined three sham designs on Wednesday that had taken Murray to No. 1. Not long after his article, Todd McShay released his latest draft for 2019 NFL Mock, and he joins the growing list of analysts projecting Murray to Arizona. He joins a growing list of analysts, who in turn have the San Francisco 49ers picking # 2 from the state of Ohio, Nick Bosa. Here's what McShay had to say about this selection.

The Niners Will Hunt For the passers-by this off-season and the best overall class 2 player would be a fantastic start. Bosa has lenght, speed and power from the edge, and it's unfathomable that the Buckeye San Francisco's defensive line runs as a rookie in sacks. He is so good.

Bosa seems like an absolute insider tip on number two, but I have to think. If Murray goes to # 1

and the board is wide open, how much of a bid do you want to give the 49ers to trade back and not pick Bosa? It would depend in large part on who was ready to ascend. The New York Giants are reportedly interested in quarterback Dwayne Haskins in Ohio, and there are a few other teams who may be interested in Haskins and are ready to move up. Also, if the 49ers like the depth of the first round of marginal options, maybe they're ready to go past Bosa if it means they get a lot of picks.

If another team wants Bosa (or Quinnen Williams or whoever), maybe the 49ers can secure a future and a second. The Colts, Eagles, Texans, Patriots, and Chiefs all have two picks in the second round this year. Maybe the 49ers could turn number 2 down, several seconds this year and a future first. [19659006] I have no idea what the market will dictate, but would you be prepared to pass Bosa on in such a situation?

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