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Tom Brady, Sony Michel lead Patriots to win Jets

Maybe a goodbye week is just what the patriots need. New England's offensive started again on Sunday with a 27:13 victory over the New York Jets at the MetLife Stadium just two weeks after a 34-10 defeat to the Tennessee Titans, the country's worst losers of the season.

Tom Brady threw for 283 yards and two touchdowns and Sony Michel hurried back to a career high of 1

33 yards and a touchdown to 21 trages to bring the Patriots (8-3) to 3-5 at .500 this season , 3.

"I think we'll make the ball better. That gives us a much better chance of winning games, "Brady said. "We score more points, we change to the third descent and score the red points [zone]. All these things are really important … We made some pieces, there are certainly some that we left out there, but we will take it and move forward.

New England hurried for 215 yards.

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"It always helps if you let the ball go, and that's the point," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick. "It keeps you out of those long yagging situations in which we've been too many in the last two or three weeks."

The game The majority of the guests were close and had three draws and a lead change in the first 41 minutes. The run ended when Jets' kicker Jason Myers scored a 38-yard field goal. Four minutes before the end of the third quarter, there were 13 hits -13.

With 1:52 back in the third lap, Tom Brady teamed with Julian Edelman on a 21-yard touchdown pass to reach a 75-yard ride and the Patriots a 20-13 lead give.

Michel raised the Patriots with two points to a rush from the 1, which broke the plane by centimeters and 8:54 left in the fourth quarter.

"The crime came out and was executed. The coach somehow challenged us this week because we were able to lead the football and I think the offensive line did a good job … Every single one of them just did a good job to reach that goal. " said Michel. Brady became the

All-Time Pass Yards Leader (regular season and postseason), outperforming Peyton Manning with a four-yard closing by Michel in the second quarter.

Boxing Score: Patriots 27, Jets 13 | NFL Scoreboard

Below are updates that were released during the game.

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Fourth Quarter

Patriots 27, Jets 13 (1:52): The secondary patriots stood in the red zone to keep the jets out of the end zone. Initially, Stephon Gilmore unleashed a Robby Anderson-designated Josh McCown pass on the goal line. Then Jason McCourty hit a hovering ball toward the corner of the end zone on the 4th and 2nd lines of the New England 4-yard line. The patriots took over the Downs.

Patriots 27, Jets 13 (5:15): The Patriots gave their opponents a three-point difference. A 2-meter Sony Michel rush and two short Tom Brady finishes were not enough to move the chains, so Josh Allen pushed the jets out over midfield.

Patriots 27, Jets 13 (7:44): The jets went out three times at their next possession. Josh McCown threw two wins for a 7-yard win and a 3-yard loss before incomplete throwing a third down pass. Jets Punter Lachlan Edwards sent the Patriots back to their own 41-yard line after Julian Edelman's return.

Patriots 27, Jets 13 (8:54): Sony Michel, who was on the field after a previous injury, guided the Patriots 80 yards down to touchdown. On the first ride of the racetrack, the back rookie roared 33 meters. Three games later, Josh Gordon played a Tom Brady Pass in 3rd and 10th for a 17-yard win to keep the ride alive. A connection between Tom Brady and Julian Edelman as well as a hard passant penalty brought the Patriots into the goal line. On the 2nd and at the gate, Michel entered the end zone through a collection of Jets defenders. The game was initially ruled out as a touchdown, but Michel was convicted after a replay review just before the goal line. Michel scratched himself for a touchdown for the next play.

Patriots 20, Jets 13 (13:23): Deatrich Wise dismissed Josh McCown for a 7-yard defeat on 3 and 14 to stop the Jets drive. McCown had passed a 21-yard pass to Chris Herndon's tight end to reach New England before the offensive was imposed and the sack prevented New York's short.

Third Quarter

Patriots 20, Jets 13 (1:52): Tom Brady and the Patriots offense only needed four pieces to drive 75 yards for seven points. First, Brady teamed with Chris Hogan for a 27-meter win. Then James White ran 27 yards on the ground before Julian Edelman found a gap in the jets' secondary side, got a pass from Brady and crashed into the end zone to reach a 21-yard touchdown.

Patriots 13, Jets 13 (4:00): After a 12-jays drive with 55 yards, Jason Myers separated the posts on a 38-yard field goal. The highlight of the journey came in the 3rd and 10th positions of the New England 34-yard line, as Josh McCown crawled by 10 yards and a first descent. Three blocks later, McCown saw Jermaine Kearse on the left. His passport ended incomplete when the Patriots defended New York at three points.

Patriots 13, Jets 10 (8:34): Stephen Gostkowski entered a 32-yard field goal to cap a 14-game, 66-yard ride for the Patriots. On the first drive of the track, Sony Michel left behind a series of Jets defenders in the first game of the second half for 31 yards. Later in the driveway Michel stood up slowly after the Jets defense had rammed him down the third row. Cordarelle Patterson fought for a first decline on the 4th and 1st line from the New York 11-yard line before three incompletencies from Tom Brady halted the ride.

Michel crashed in the middle, trying a third and a 1 from the Jets 11-yard line. Michle's back clung awkwardly as he went down and stayed down for about a minute before two coaches supported him and supported him as they left the field.

Michel missed the rest of the series, in which he was injured ended with a field goal, and the following Patriots drove back, but returned with 13:23 in the fourth quarter.


The teams drew at the break. Some values:

Total number of yards: NE 246, NYJ 195

Games: NE 33, NYJ 29

Yards per game: NE 7.5, NYJ 6.7

First defeats: NE 11, NYJ 8 [19659002] Third Below: NE 2-6, NYJ 3-7

Penalties: NE 7-75, NYJ 4-25

Tom Brady: 11-17, 180 yards, 1 TD, rating 119, 7

Josh McCown: 15-22, 179 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 89.0 rating

Second Quarter

Patriots 10, Jets 10 (0:08): Jason Myers entered 55-yard field goal to score the goal Jets level goes into halftime. Jermaine Kearse set the score, got a Josh McCown pass and struggled 16 yards to reach the New England 37-yard line.

Patriots 10, Jets 7 (0:51): The New England Crime failed to capitalize on sales. Sony Michel ran without profit, six yards, then two yards, to get the box unit out. The Jets took over their own 43-yard line after a 47-yard boat by Josh Allen.

Patriots 10, Jets 7 (1:52): Josh McCown fired a deep ball on Quincy Enunwa on the Jets' first turn, scoring a 41-meter win. The New York quarterback looked down in the next game but his pass was intercepted in New England's 2-yard line by corner-kicker Stephon Gilmore.

Patriots 10, Jets 7 (2:30): Stephen Gostkowski split the posts on a 34-yard field goal to cap the eleven games and 54 yard patents for the Patriots. Sony Michel marched New England into the red zone. In the second and fourth rows of the Jets 16-yard line, Brady searched the end zone for Rob Gronkowski. The tight end was forced to swap roles with Jamal Adams and pick up a possible interception. The next game was a pressurized pass from Brady, who was again intended for Gronkowski, wrong.

Patriots 7, Jets 7 (7:25): After two consecutive false starts at First Down, the jets failed three times. Josh McCown threw a seven- and-eight-meter win, but could not balance the 20-yard gap between the chains. Julian Edelman was tackled at the punt return on the New England 30-yard line.

Patriots 7, Jets 7 (8:57): The Patriot operation was adversely affected by punishment and remained in its own half. At first, Sony Michel seemed to be 25 yards from goal, but the game was negated by a holding penalty against offensive lineman Trent Brown. Six hours later, James White was knocked down first after David Andrews had penalized a penalty. Tom Brady threw the next piece incomplete, and patriotic punter Josh Allen was put into action.

Jets 7, Patriots 7 (14:10): The Jets struck a first defeat with a 17-yard link between Josh McCown and Quincy Enunwa before beating them on the 3rd and 3rd. Place from New England 43 were incomplete. Yard Line forced her to sting. The Patriots took over their own 10-yard line.

Tom Brady outperformed Peyton Manning for most career moves in NFL history. When entering the competition 147 yards behind Manning Brady sat on a short four-yard pass, the record-breaking shipyard to run back Sony Michel in the second quarter. Brady is on the list, including Manning (79,279), Drew Brees (77.789) and Brett Favre (77.693). He still follows this trio in the regular season by advancing to fourth.

First Quarter

Patriots 7, Jets 7 (1:11): Before Tom Brady scored a big hit on the 3rd and 2nd rankings 12, he pulled a pass from Jets' 34-yard line the New York secondary victory after Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown. The score was capped at a 75-meter five-player ride for the Patriots, which included a 23-yard finish for Josh Gordon and a 20-yard win by Chris Hogan.

Jets 7, Patriots 0 (4:02): Jermaine Kearse pulled a Josh McCown pass over the middle and extended for a 16-yard touchdown. The Jets Drive – highlighted by two McCown 19-yard completions – started on the New York 20-yard line, ending nine games and 80 yards later in the end zone.

Patriots 0, Jets 0 (8:14): After a short first descent of the Patriots' first drive, Tom Brady found the wide receiver Julian Edelman on a crossroads in the Downfield. Edelman took 36 yards before Jets Cornerback Darryl Roberts threw him onto the grass in New York territory. Sony Michel did not win at the next game, Brady threw an imperfection, then Jamal Adams's safety broke a 3rd and 10th pass for Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots were forced to punt

Patriots 0, Jets 0 (11:28): Jets quarterback Josh McCown found wide receiver Jermaine Kearse for a 17-yard win and a first decline on the opening race of the game. That was the only time that New York took ownership of the chains. An offensive holding penalty put the jets back 10 yards before a dropped McCown Deep Ball fell incomplete on the third tee. Lachlan Edwards poked to the New England line of 13 yards.

Coin toss: Patriotic Captain Matthew Slater won the litter and decided to delay. Josh McCown and the New York Jets will get the ball first.


Patriots: Keionta Davis, DL; Matt Tobin, OL; Duke Dawson, DB; Derek Rivers, DE; Dwayne Allen, TE; Nate Ebner, S; James Ferentz, OL

Jets: Sam Darnold, QB; Deontay Burnett, WR; Marcus Maye, S; Derrick Jones, CB; Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB; James Carpenter, LG; Rishard Matthews, WR

Pre-match photos

Key to victory


1. Quarterback Josh McCown must get time to find some recipients. If he can not avoid turbulence – Trey Flowers and Kyle Van Noy – this will be a long flight.

. 2 Isaiah Crowell was the most consistent attack threat in New York. Hit his ticket generously to move the chains and make the clock tick.

. 3 The woolly mammoth Leonard Williams must cause chaos in the front seven. He must exert enough pressure to delay the departure of Tom Brady's connections with his receivers.


. 1 The fighting in New England this season has a common theme: slow beginnings. Leave the gates early to ensure a smooth and successful business trip.

. 2 Let Sony Michel do the hard work. The rookie running back is only a month away from his fear of injury and seems ready to get back on track.

. 3 The reporting units had difficulties this season. It is time to close these units and prevent the electric returner Andre Roberts from overturning the field.

– Jim McBride

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