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Tom Brady wins the second start as the Buccaneers quarterback

In week 1, Brady and the Bucs lost to the Saints.

After taking a 21-0 lead at halftime, Brady and the Bucs couldn’t get anything going in the third quarter, which saw first-minute sales on back-to-back games. After the Buccaneers found a fumble from Robby Anderson, Brady’s pass for the next game was intercepted by Donte Jackson.

Brady’s pass to third and 15th place with 6:18 in the fourth round was dropped by LeSean McCoy in the end zone, so that Tampa Bay settled for the first points of the second half with a 33-yard field goal.

Brady was 1

7-for-23 in the first half for 198 yards, including a 23-yard touchdown pass to Evans that made it 14-0. Evans had 5 catches for 91 yards in the first half and Justin Watson had two receptions for 48 yards.

The following are updates released as the Tampa Bay-Carolina game progressed.

Fourth quarter

1:48: Buccaneers 31, Panthers 17: In the first game after an onside kick, the Bucs scored again as he ran back. Leonard Fournette broke the line and raced 46 meters.

1:57 – Privateer 24, Panther 17: Joey Slye’s 24-yard field goal brings Carolina again within one point. The Panthers tried an onside kick, but it was stifled by Buc’s close end, Rob Gronkowski.

6:13 – Privateer 24, Panther 14: After LeSean McCoy dropped a pass from Tom Brady in the end zone, Tampa Bay opted for a 33-yard field goal from Ryan Succop for the first points of the second half.

13:25 – Buccaneer 21, Panther 14: Christian McCaffrey’s 7-yard run drew the Panthers within a score. McCaffrey’s second touchdown was a 13-game drive of 88 yards that lasted 6:19.

Third quarter

8:36 – Privateer 21, Panther 7: Carolina takes a Tampa Bay Pass interference penalty in the end zone in third place, and Christian McCaffrey drops it in from the 1-yard line to get the Panthers on the board.

14:01 – Privateer 21, Panther 0: Rob Gronkowski is targeted for the first time today and Donte Jackson intercepts Brady’s passport and brings it back to Tampa Bay 47.


Brady and the Buccaneers are more fluid on offense after last week’s early battles against the Saints, leading the Panthers 21-0. Brady is 17-for-23 with 198 yards and a touchdown, and seven different receivers have at least one reception. Mike Evans has five catches for 91 yards and a touchdown and Justin Watson has two catches for 48 yards. Fourteen of the spots in Tampa Bay have made sales thanks to Jason Pierre-Paul’s scruffy recovery and Jordan Whitehead’s interception.

The Buccaneers defense kept Carolina at 122 yards of total insult. Brady hasn’t targeted Rob Gronkowski yet. Gronkowski played 54 snapshots in week 1 and was targeted three times.

Second quarter

3:01 – Buccaneers 21, Panthers 0: Leonard Fournette’s 1-yard touchdown brings Tampa Bay up in the first half.

4:52 – Buccaneers 14, Panthers 0: Brady ties up with Justin Watson on a well-executed flea for a first loss.

10:06 – Buccaneers 14, Panthers 0: Brady and Ronald Jones have difficulty handing over and Jones is fumbling. Woodrow Hamilton recovers for the Panthers and Carolina takes on his own 41.

First quarter

End of the first quarter – Buccaneers 14, Panthers 0: Brady finished the first quarter 8:11 with a 100 yard pass and a touchdown.

4:38 – Privateer 14, Panther 0: At the first game, after Jason Pierre-Paul fixed a Teddy Bridgewater bug, Brady ties up with Evans for a 23-yard touchdown to give the Bucs an early two-point lead.

5:42 – Buccaneers 7, Panthers 0: Brady develops a 10-game 81-yard drive, completed by a 7-yard touchdown from Ronald Jones, to give Tampa Bay the first lead. The Bucs were helped by a late penalty from the Panthers in third and a 50-yard pass for Mike Evans at the start of the drive.

13:56 – Privateer 0, Panther 0: Brady and the Buccaneers go three ands after taking off their own 25-yard line after an incomplete pass on 3rd and 4th.

Play scenes

Mark LoMoglio / Associated Press

Mark LoMoglio / Associated Press

Mark LoMoglio / Associated Press

Tom Brady has never started a season 2-0. What can he expect on Sunday when he makes his home debut with the Buccaneers when they host the Panthers?

As the story goes, some Hall of Fame quarterbacks who start a season with a new team finish the year strong, while others burn out in mediocrity. Brady’s Week 1 numbers against the Saints – 23:36, 239 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions – weren’t too far from a typical Brady performance, but a pick-six in the third quarter to bring the Saints to 24 -7 missed a Buccaneers comeback and Tampa Bay lost 34-23.

“It’s a defeat,” said Brady to sports caster Jim Gray on Monday. “We have to learn from this and try to play better football next week.”

Rob Gronkowski made two catches for 11 yards on his Bucs debut.

The Panthers are also looking for their first win after a 34:30 loss to the Raiders last Sunday.

Follow us for live updates as Brady and the Bucs face yet another NFC South opponent.

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