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Tom Brady's patriots are absolutely raging the chargers

Photo: Maddie Meyer (Getty)

There are 28-7 Patriots as I write here in the middle of the second quarter, and New England breaks down the Chargers' defense, which looked so impressive against Baltimore last week , But what works against Lamar Jackson does not work against Tom Brady.

The Chargers came out with the same defensive zone with seven defensive heads and four passers-by, and none of these things has ever worked against Brady in his career. Brady has been known to single out zones, and the Chargers' D-Backs seem to be completely unprepared – or the constant transitions that lead to back-running, another hallmark of patriot offenses. On the other hand, Brady has historically struggled with lightning – and the Chargers are showing no.

The third touchdown, a 17-meter open-air Phillip Dorsett, was a perfect example of the breakdown in coverage. After Dorsett and Julian Edelman were stacked, there was confusion between CB's Desmond King II and Casey Hayward Jr. about who had whom to handle. It looked as if King was originally on Dorsett and tried to change with Hayward, only both jumped Edelman.

Six minutes left of the second quarter, Brady is 16 out of 20 for 183 yards. If Gus Bradley does not give up so quickly, which definitely did not work, it's over quickly. It could be.

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