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Tom Cruise got a stress zit on his nose filming Big Mission: Impossible 2 scene with Thandie Newton

Tom Cruise was so stressed during Mission: Impossible II’s “nightmare” filming that, according to his co-star Thandie Newton, he got a quote on the key scene during the filming of a key scene. In a DGAF interview with Vulture, Newton recalled that she was “afraid” that Cruise might do the action sequel from 2000 and called him “a very dominant person. He tries very hard to be a nice person. But the pressure. It picks up a lot. And I think it makes sense that only he can do everything as well as possible. “

Newton said Cruise was “not terrible” and he was just “really stressed out. I had the most extraordinary time.” However, according to Newton, there was a certain sequence that turned out to be a “nightmare”

; for the film.

The actress recalled that during an action scene on a balcony, Cruise was particularly dissatisfied with Newton’s approach, which she attributes to her character, thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall, who has “the crappiest lines” in the script.Since director John Woo was not on the set – Newton said he directed from the bottom of a monitor and, as Newton puts it, decided at the start of the shoot “that he didn’t speak English” – Cruise rehearsed the intense scene with her repeated and finally decided to swap the lines and rehearse and shoot the whole scene this way.

“So we filmed the whole scene with me as him – because I knew the lines by then – and he played me,” Newton recalled. “And it was the least helpful … nothing strikes me as less revealing. It only drove me further into a place of terror and insecurity.”

However, Newton also said “bless him” because Cruise “tried his damnedest” to get the scene going.

Filming this scene became so stressful for Cruise that he quickly got a distracting pimple on his nose.

“Be honest. Is it eye-catching?” “No, Tom, nobody will ever be fed up.”

“I remember that at the beginning of the night when he saw that slight red spot on his nose and at the end of the night he wasn’t kidding you – his metabolism is so violent – that he had a big white head where it was red dot was was, ”revealed Newton. “It would take anyone else 48 hours to manifest a quote. And it was like I was the Zit that got bigger and bigger. “

The following week, they re-shot the whole scene to get exactly what Newton’s Cruise wanted. “He just wanted that alpha bitch,” she said. “And I’ve got the best I can. It’s not the best way to get the best work out of someone.”

Unlike other actors in the series, Newton said she had never been asked to continue Mission: Impossible.

Twenty years later, Tom Cruise is still playing IMF agent Ethan Hunt. Mission: Impossible 7 aims to resume production soon after the pandemic stops.

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