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Tom Homan says he initially rejected the role of the border czar, was not "properly structured"

Former Deputy Director for Immigration and Customs Control (ICE) Tom Homan said on Saturday that President Trump's announcement on Friday was "a bit premature" and that he was open to working with the government President Trump was initially opposed to taking the border czar's role because it was not properly "structured."

"I think yesterday's announcement – I think the White House made it clear that it was a little early," he said on Saturday's "Cavuto Live".

"I was approached by [former Homeland Security] Secretary [Kirstjen] Nielsen for the first time because of this job, and I declined because I did not think the job was properly structured," Homan said before adding that he did not want it. you fail at the president. "


" I did not think it had the right authority, "he added. I think a Border Czar must be structured like that he can coordinate activities of [Department of Homeland Security][Department of Justice][Department of Defense][Health and Human Services] ̵

1; all have a piece of this borderline question, so I think that any kind of border czar must be a person who can coordinate an all-in government's answer to the border. "

His comments came after President Fox and Friends announced that the former ICE chief would act as his new frontier adviser. "Tom Homan is coming back, I would say this will be announced next week, unless I would rather announce it now," Trump said Friday.


Homan told Cavuto that although he had not accepted an official position, he respected the president "highly" and was open to cooperating with him. When he noticed people wondering why he would work for Trump or "save so much money" when he returned to the government, Homan said he would serve as a border czar because he loved his country.

"I do not have that either, I have accepted every position, but why should I even have these discussions because I love my country and because I see what is going on at the southwestern border and after 34 years in the service of my nation, you just do not turn it off, "he said.


Homan's potential appointment would come as the United States struggles with a migration crisis, trying to get Mexico to make an effort to work together at the border. After Trump threatened to impose tariffs, he finally reached a deal, although some critics downplayed his effectiveness.

For Homan, however, the deal was "great".

right, "he said.

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