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Tom Izzo accuses Aaron Henry of being held back by the players

Photo: Jamie Squire (Getty)

No. 2 Seed Michigan State did not look so good in their first tournament game against Bradley. The Spartans retreated at half-time, but were able to regain control of the game with a 10-0 run at the start of the second half. This positive track was not good enough to save freshman Aaron Henry from avoiding head coach Tom Izzo during a break.

What is going on here?

] Izzo appears to have a habit of ripping Henry, as described in The Athletic's article:

Aaron Henry, the athlete, the sum of his physical parts, sat in Tom Izzo's office not long ago and bared his soul. He did not know why he had forgotten how to shoot, why his game left him. He did not know what was going on, why he messed it up again and again. What he really did not know was why Izzo refused to give up – to refuse to criticize him. It felt personal. Henry asked bluntly, "If you say these things, how should I react? What do you really say when you say that? "A conversation followed. Real conversation. Real Responses The Hall of Famer coach and the freshman had figured it out.

It's never funny to be both publicly and privately written and humbled by your head coach, but at least Henry makes many friends and memories along the way.

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