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Tom Oates: Fast exit from the NCAA tournament highlights Badgers & # 39; playmaker Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball

SAN JOSE, California – The last 20 minutes of the season was not very nice for the University of Wisconsin men's basketball team, but they were informative.

They showed that the Badgers are not ready yet You can go deep into the NCAA tournament. And they showed the Badgers exactly what the program has to do to get back to the days when the Sweet 16 was taken for granted.

One day, the Badgers might appreciate the direction of 1

2th-seeded Oregon, with their 72- 54 annoyance of fifth-placed UW in an opening match of the NCAA tournament on Friday at the SAP Center. However, after a rare break in the Badgers' mind in the second half of the year, they found it hard to think that their recovery season would end much sooner than they had expected.

The State Journal's journalist Jim Polzin asked Badgers fans on Twitter what they thought of seed # 5 Wisconsin's 72-54 against No. 12 seeds in Oregon.

"It was definitely a big step from last year," Aleem Ford said, "but it was definitely not the way we wanted it to end."

Indeed, a year after defeating and missing the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1998, the Badgers' 23:11 record, fourth place in the Big Ten and NCAA runner-up # 5 confirmed that the program was not had fallen off the map. More importantly, the Badgers redefined the principles that had made the program a frantic success. They played a strong defense, took care of the ball and started with every team they played.

In the end, that was not enough. An uncharacteristic seven-minute defensive back at the start of the second half would have cost UW against Oregon but do not blunder, the roots of that loss and every second Badgers loss this season were on the offensive.

The long, athletic ducks exposed the obvious deficits of the UW. Oregon's line-up of four bouncy 6-foot-9 players prevented UW striker and all-American Ethan Happ from scoring at will, highlighting the Badgers' hopes of essentially shooting out in action A month.

Oregon, who finished 17th overall in defensive efficiency, could have hurt UW's outdoor shooting as well, but it was hard to say if UW surpassed his shots because of his recent shooting style. The Badgers went 6:30 from a 3-point series against the Ducks, the seventh time in the last 12 games where they shot down 30 percent or worse.

"We had shot well half until the last month or month," said coach Greg Gard. "Is it the quality of the shot? Is it the one who makes shots? Is it a fatigue factor? Can we get more production on the free throw line? One thing to balance some points is to get the free throw." But if they collapse so much in color, you need to be able to take perimeter shots to loosen people so they do not know how far they're going to come in. I think the quality of the shot was a problem. I think we had a really good look, but you have to put the ball in the basket. It's a simple game when it comes to it.

The Fifth Seed The University of Wisconsin basketball team dropped to No. 12 seed of Oregon Ducks (72-54) on Friday in the NCAA tournament.

And it's a tough game when opposing defenses plan A – Happ inside – and take plan away B – the outer shooting – is a no-show One major problem for UW's offense was that there was no Plan C.

That was never more obvious than against Oregon, the ducks did not do much offensive either The first half ended in a 25-25 draw, when point-watchkeeper Payton Pritchard took the lead and fired high-per-cent shots for himself and his team-mates to set the stage for Oregon's 47-point halftime eight assists, both game heights.

"I thought the difference was Pritchard," Gard said. "He just made things happen. If they had to make a game, he made it, if it would find other men for themselves. "

The game of Pritchard showed how important a playmaker is for an offense and how UW's biggest problem is that there are not any The badgers' strength over the years has been their team-oriented offense, but each offense needs one or two players who can break the defense and create or create for other points offensive will be limited.

"When out of the 3-point "There are no shots coming," said Guardian Brevin Pritzl, "we need to find other ways to score."

Developing a consistent offense is the only way UW will get all the way back in this regard The best hope is that players who are now offensive in the offensive can develop and develop their games.

"I think we've got the program back on track," he said Guardian Brad Davison. "We know how good we are, we know the talent we have in this locker room, and to prove to us that we belong to this tournament, it obviously says something and moves us in the right direction, but we also know that we do not want to feel like this is not Wisconsin's basketball, we can go further and go further than this, I think it definitely showed us how important it is to do the little things how important it is to hold another responsibility that we can further improve next year. "

However, while Oregon was much better than a twelfth Friday on Friday, UW was done due to its own shortcomings.

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