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Tom Petty's daughters say that her late father's wife unlawfully seized control of his artist's estate

Adria Petty and Annakim Violette claimed $ 5 million plus legal fees in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Los Angeles Supreme Court.

Daughters from Petty's first marriage to Jane Benyo claim that this is her father The 16-year-old wife does not have enough influence over how the rocker's estate is managed.

The plaintiff in the lawsuit is Tom Petty Unlimited, a limited liability company founded in March 2018, which manages the musician's estate after his death.

The Company controls Petty's rights as a record artist, composer, publisher, and producer, overseeing his memorabilia, gadgets, musical instruments, and other financial assets.

Petty's daughters claim in the lawsuit that Petty assumed the same responsibility for his estate and York Petty. The daughters accuse York Petty of "gross mismanagement" by Tom Petty Unlimited, according to the lawsuit

  Petty's daughter, artist Annakim Violette, visits a store opening in Beverly Hills, California.

The lawsuit states that York Petty has caused the daughters to lose master recordings due to their "exploitation of" business opportunities "Tom Petty has been affiliated with a number of companies, including MCA Records, Geffen Records, and Warner Music Group.

The lawsuit also states that York Petty has formed a rival company, Tom Petty Legacy, "to use the plaintiff's business opportunities and inappropriately his assets.

  Musician Tom Petty and daughter Adria Petty in Los Angeles, California.

[19659003] In a statement to CNN, York Petty lawyer Adam Streisand said , the lawsuit as "misguided and unfounded."

He said the suit "unfortunately shows exactly why Tom Petty has appointed his wife as the sole trustee with the power to administer his estate. Dana will not tolerate any destructive nonsense like this, which distracts her from the protection of her husband's heritage. "

In a lawsuit last month, the lawyers at York Petty wrote that Petty's daughters were trying to get in the three-person partnership with the majority York Petty's lawyers wrote that Adria Petty's "unpredictable behavior has made it extraordinarily – and increasingly – difficult to do business." The alleged deposit Adria had "the business relations of the Trust and important relationships with the Heartbreakers, Tom's record companies … and Tom's longtime management team endangered "along with York Petty and his daughters.

Petty footage was released after his death.

Petty's record catalog has value because he works with the Heartbreakers and as a solo artist still plays an important role in the classic hen rock plays stations.

A 4-CD box of previously unreleased material by Petty titled "An American Treasure" was released in 2018. A second posthumous compilation, a biggest hit album titled "The Best of Everything", was released in March 2019.

Theresa Waldrop and Janette Gagnon of CNN have contributed to this story.

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