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Tom Rogan says Trump faces "unfair criticism" over Kim Jong Un's comments

President Trump, according to Tom Rogan of the Washington Examiner, finds himself unfairly criticized for his comments on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Rogan, a commentator for the examiner, claimed it was important to write a "special report" The North Korean leader does not seem to have completely ruled out making a deal.

"Behind the scenes … from people I've talked to, the big problem is that Kim Jong Un has not yet decided whether he wants to do big business with President Trump, or the old game of Rogan claimed

"I believe the president is unfairly criticized for Kim Jong Un," he added.

Rogan claimed it was better for the president to "give all positive comments" to Kim that he can. if it prevents drastic actions from Pyongyang.

However, he attacked Trumps Kim's criticism of former Vice President Joe Biden is "not in the best interests of the country".

During a visit to Japan, Trump noted that Kim has a "low IQ," he added [s]] he agrees with [s] in it.

"Joe Biden was a disaster," claimed the President. [Bidens campaign responded shortly after Trump returned to the US.]



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