Tamar Braxton emerged victorious in the final season of Celebrity Big Brother . After broadcasting the finale, Lindsay Lohan jumped into social media to express her condemnation of the winner, calling Tamar anti-feminist and "engaging". Although Toni Braxton usually takes herself for granted and avoids online dramas, she felt compelled to provide a simple answer to Linday's brand new tweet. "Lindays … stay out," she answered.

Lohan earned a backlash with her Twitter comments, which were perceived as ignorant. Obviously, she also caused additional comments on Instagram. The actress now claims that she has hacked the report and therefore should not be attributed to her the words and subsequent criticism.

"I was made aware that there were other comments added to my last Instagram post that make it look like I wrote them," Lindsay wrote on Instagram Saturday: "First, I can not guarantee that these comments will not Unfortunately, I learned through research that a former member of my team who had access to my account made those changes, which has now been dealt with internally. "

The paper in question reads as follows:" Finally, #family @alianalohan #free @cbs_bigbrother You suck and get no valentine's from @lohanbeachclub @mtv. My mother is an amazing woman and she has been so well beaten … The secrets she gave me a few ago Hours will tell #EXPOSE #YOUALL #dinalohan #dfwm "