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# Too early? #MeToo Report Redemption TV show for disgraced men ignites Zorn

In the category of terrible ideas, this one can get the grand prize.

Someone apparently buys a television series in which embarrassed talk show host Charlie Rose interviews other men who have been appalled by their public sexual misconduct. According to a New York Post report Wednesday night.

The Post reports that Tina Brown – the former publisher of Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and The Daily Beast – confirms that she had been contacted to produce such a show. Interviewees reportedly included downed NBC host Matt Lauer and comedian Louis C. K.

"These guys are already planning their comebacks!" Brown said, according to the post. She said that she had passed on the project.

While she said she thought it was set up as Netflix Inc.

NFLX, -0.41


show, a source told the Post Office that Netflix has no such series in the works. It was unknown who was building the show – whether it should ever be made – or where it should be broadcast.

While the #Metoo movement is barely half a year old, some prominent men have reportedly toppled from their previous heights. I've been working on comebacks. Celebrity chef Mario Batali, who left his restaurants in December after decades of inappropriate behavior, asks friends to start his "second act," the New York Times reported earlier this month.

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Rose was appointed by CBS Corp. dismiss

CBS, + 0.94%

in November, after at least eight women had charged him with sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Lauer, of Comcast Corp. was fired

CMCSA, + 2.73%

NBC in November under allegations of sexual predatory behavior, and CK claiming that several women have masturbated against their will was also reported to be on the comeback track are.

A number of advocates of #MeToo movements have argued that such rapid public salvation minimizes the harmful effects of their actions and, in essence, rewards the already wealthy men with a six-month vacation from work. "It should be at least as hard for a man to revive his career after the #Metoo as it was for the women he harassed to progress in their fields," Erin Gloria Ryan of the Daily Beasts wrote last week ,

Going through social media reaction Wednesday night to the potential Rose comeback show, any talk of a #MeToo comeback could be #TooSoon.

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