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Top 10 Workers’ Compensation Claims


Once in a lifetime, everyone encounters an accident that can be minor or major. We try our best to avoid accidents but if it is meant to happen then you can not escape it. Workplace injuries are common and can happen in any sort of organization. It is not necessary that accidents would happen in workplaces dealing with heavy or sharp items but they can happen in less strenuous and non-fatal workplaces as well.

In this article, we will go through the different types of workers’ compensation claims that are commonly lodged by the employees.

Here are the types of workers’ compensation complaints

  • Extended heavy-duty jobs

Overexertion can happen in the nature of jobs where a lot of physical strength is required like pulling, lifting, pushing, and carrying. Overload of work can injure muscles and bone joints.̵

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  • Slips and falls

This is the most occurring incident in big to small workplaces. Workers tend to fall on wet, oily floors and snowy walkways. A claim can be filed immediately for the lack of vigilance in maintaining the walkways.  

  • Electrical shock

Electrical shocks not only bust your hair but can result in major injuries to muscles, heart, blood, and brain. This kind of accident is a big threat for workers dealing with a lot of mechanical tasks involving electricity.  

  • Transportation accidents

This job involves the transfer of goods from one place to another for which companies must keep the vehicles well maintained and up to mark for transport. If an accident occurs the company is liable to bear and compensate for the loss.

  • Hit or struck by an object

Getting struck by an object is a very common type of accident to occur. Your co-worker and others can be careless with things around them which can eventually harm someone in the workplace.  

  • Accidents caused by machines

Injuries caused by heavy machines can be of big medical cost since it can be very serious. It is advised to train the workers thoroughly before they start functioning such fatal machines. Most of the states have made the training compulsory for the workers. 

  • Drug overdose


The companies allow the workers to consume drugs and alcohol while at work which resulted in unintentional overdose and caused physical damages to workers. Implementing strong restrictions on this action will surely reduce rough incidents.

  • Violence at the workplace

Workplace violence has increased a great deal with the passage of time. This usually takes place because of a personal grudge, jealousy, and irritative nature of the opponent. This issue must be taken into account as soon as an abnormal behavior is noticed by any employee. 

  • Working in a harmful environment

The release of harmful and toxic gases and the usage of such chemicals is a great threat to health. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the workers with safety clothing and other protective items. 

  • Fire accident

Fire can break unexpectedly and can cost a life and other body parts damages like severe skin burns, breathing problems, cardiac issues, and much more. To avoid claims, employers must take high precautionary measures to keep the employees safe in the environment.