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Top House Homeland Security Democrat shoots back on Nielsen's frontier

Thompson criticized the administration's focus on a border wall, saying that the Department of Homeland Security should focus on solutions to the current "humanitarian challenge."

"DHS has the means to process these people in an orderly and timely manner," Thompson said in a statement. He added, "I will support resources to ensure that those present at our borders are treated humanely, but refuse any effort to change policies so that Secretary Nielsen can deport children and families without them to offer a proper procedure. "

Nielsen asks Congress to change laws to speed up the deportation of Central American migrant children and the ability to detain families while they wait their day in court.

In a letter to the legislature on Thursday, Nielsen said that her immediate request is for the authority to return Central American unaccompanied children to their home countries if they have "no legal right of residence", much as the Department returns Mexican children. The letter CNN received was first reported by NBC News.

According to Nielsen, the inability to deport these children has led hundreds of Central American children into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security on a daily basis and eventually became sponsored by the United States.

Nielsen also said she will propose measures that will allow the DHS to keep migrant families in custody throughout their immigration process, as well as a plan for Central Americans to apply for asylum in their home countries.

The administration has repeatedly called on Congress to make some of these changes to US law.

She wrote that the department needed these changes because it was "increasingly unable to assume its responsibility for controlling the situation at the southern border.

and the department has no more capacity, "she wrote.

Nielsen said the department's funds are running out, although lately additional money has been allocated for humanitarian and operational work.

" [T] The The situation is so We would like to inform you now that we need additional resources, "she wrote to Hill.

The letter comes one day after the secretary signed a regional agreement with the so-called northern triangular states of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to combat illegal immigration, to fight criminal organizations, and finally to support US border security.

"We agree to work together in the Honduras at the mid-week session, but added: 'We must increase our efforts to fight this crisis, and the United States must see short-term improvements."

Nielsen told the congress, that the department has now redirected resources and personnel towards border security and migration management and asked for volunteers.

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