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Top Stories: Galaxy S10 prototypes, Pixel 3 Nomad, more

In this week's top stories: leaked prototypes give us our best look at the Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus yet, we'll show off one of the best Pixel 3 cases, the arrival of the Android Pie beta on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, and more.

This week's leading story is the biggest leak of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus yet. Both leaked Galaxy S10 prototypes confirm the rumored punch-hole style notch.

One major inclusion that I think will keep audio fans happy is the inclusion of the headphone port down at the bottom of the device. It's such a sore point for many that Samsung is slowly becoming the only champion for the outgoing input port even though we still do not have a decent replacement.

Another highlight this week is Ben Schoon's review of what's arguably one of the best Pixel 3 / Pixels 3 XL case on the market, the 'Bluetooth headphone and USB-C are not yet good enough on the board in my opinion. Made for Google 'Nomad Rugged case. Made with high quality leather, the Nomad Rugged case is designed to look better with age.

At $ 45, why is this case worth picking up? There are a lot of leather cases out there, including some on Google's own store and in the "Made for Google" program, but Nomad's is designed to look better over time. It's all about the Android version of the Android 3.0 beta version, but it does not support much of it.

Samsung is continuing the expansion of its Android Pie beta program, bringing The optional update to unlocked Galaxy S8, S8 + and Note 8 devices in the US. As always, the update is available through the Samsung + app.

That means G950U1

UEU5ZSAB and G955U1UEU5ZSAB for the unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. The unlocked Galaxy Note 8 gets firmware version N950U1UEU5ZSAB .

In Android Q news, we uncovered a major downside to Android's next version. Namely, Android Q wants to give network carriers new ways to SIM lock your device, including new restrictions for dual SIM phones.

More specifically, it wants to designate a list of "allowed" and "excluded" carriers, essentially a whitelist and a blacklist of what does and does not work on a particular phone.

Visible, the MVNO launches last year by Verizon offering $ 40 / month unlimited data plans, is moving away from its original iPhone exclusivity to allow Android devices. Visible's new Android support is starting with the Galaxy S9.

Users can bring their own unlocked Galaxy S9 to the service and pay $ 40 a month for unlimited data at 5mbps, as well as unlimited talk and text. Alternatively, Visible is now selling hardware directly. That covers several different iPhone models, but now the Galaxy S9 and S9 + for $ 32 or $ 38, respectively, with Affirm.

Rounding out the week, we learned of the Google Pixel 3 XL picking up very early support for Google's upcoming Fuchsia OS.

Interestingly, this new support was not added by Google, but instead by an indie developer named Zhuowei Zhang . Zhang is known by the Android Minecraft community as the developer of BlockLauncher, a tool to let you use shaders and mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Zhang now spends his time doing interesting code projects for his personal blog.

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