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Top Stories: Pixel 4 close-up, Gmail swipe gesture, more

In this Week's Top Stories: We've gotten our best and clearest look at the front and back of Google Pixel 4. Gmail for Android has a new swipe gesture that lets you swap accounts quickly. Google Camera 6.3 releases with a transparent top bar and more.

So far, Pixel 4 has only included official Google images and incredible artistic depictions of close-ups from the community. Otherwise we could only see Pixel 4 in distant, enlarged photos. That changed this week as two crystal clear close-ups of Google Pixel 4 surfaced online, showing both the front and the back.

On the actual screen, it is clear that Android 1

0 is running on this device, the gesture navigation bar and the wizard handles. There is an interesting black background with geometric shapes, which could easily be a live wallpaper. Two on-screen notifications refer to Pixel Setup and the Play Store, with Sprint in the upper left corner playing the main role.

  Detailed Leak close-up for Pixel 4

Gmail for Android has a surprisingly useful quality on -life update this week to complement the recent redesign of Google Material Theme. The Google Account view in the search bar can now be moved vertically to quickly switch between your email accounts.

Although not enabled in the main app, Gmail has a dimmed homescreen widget in this version. When the dark system-level design is enabled on Android 10 (Night mode on Pie), the widget turns to a dark gray background. The folder name and the button for creating e-mails are kept in a very bright red.

In Android Q Beta 6, Google included version 6.3 of the Google Camera app, which includes a few minor changes to make it easier to take photos easier. A few weeks later, another update for Google Camera will be released via the Play Store. This minor update improves quality of life by making the top bar transparent so that some of your photos are not obscured.

This version targets Android 10 and requires the very latest version of the operating system. Android 9 Pie is no longer supported as it was when the first version 6.3 was released. This should not be a problem as all Pixel phones are upgraded to Android 10.

Android Auto has received an update this week confirming that the app's UI will be disabled for the upcoming Google Assistant driving mode. Although we already knew this replacement, this update shows us that Google will set an official date when the phone-based interface for Android Auto will stop working.

Once this Android mobile final expiration date is reached on mobile phones When the process is complete, a pop-up will appear with an announcement asking you to switch to driving mode. There are two options in this pop-up window, one to open the wizard drive mode and one to close Android Auto. This seems to be related to a recent "bug" in which the Android Auto-App icon has disappeared for many.

In other Android Auto News, Google Maps received an update that added a number of new buttons to the Android Auto UI. These buttons allow you to quickly search for alternative routes, search for destinations, search your current location, and much more.

As far as we know, these new links are being widely adopted from this week on the basis of numerous reports on Reddit. So you should see them very soon if you have not already done so. This also comes just weeks after Google recently unveiled a complete redesign for Android Auto, which you can read in our hands-on test.

According to Google, Huawei Mate 30 Can not Be Sold with Android or Google Apps [19659014] As you may remember, Huawei has been using US-American technology in a continuing trade war between the US and China, including Google software such as Android and Play Services, strictly prohibited. A Google spokesman confirmed this week that Huawei's upcoming Mate 30 series handsets can not be certified by Google or delivered with Google Play Services until the ban is lifted.

Surprisingly, representatives from Huawei Reuters announce that the launch of new cell phones is still planned "high-end smartphones", also known as the Mate 30 series, without the help of Google. The launch, which apparently will take place on September 18, would be the company's first major launch since the ban's inception. The Honor 20 Pro we tested recently went on sale after the ban, but has already been certified by Google.

Header image credits: @PhoneDesigner

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