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Tornado lands in Howard Co. during storms in the DC area

It moved quickly, but hit hard – a series of heavy thunderstorms passed through the DC zone on Thursday afternoon, causing power outages. The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-1 tornado has landed in Howard County, Maryland.

The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday that a tornado landed at 3:34 pm in Howard County, Maryland.

It happened in Columbia, along State Route 32. The EF-1 Tornado has covered an office building in the 9700 block of Broken Land Parkway. An EF-1 level tornado has a wind speed between 86 and 110 miles per hour.

It moved quickly but hit hard – a series of heavy thunderstorms swept through the DC area on Thursday afternoon, causing power outages with more than 1

00,000 attacks and at least a few overcrowded vehicles in the area.

Howard County spokesman Mark S. Miller reported that there had been reports of many trees along the Northside of Maryland State Route 32 near Shaker Drive and National Weather Service was investigating the area to determine if a tornado has emerged.

DC; Arlington, Virginia; and Hyattsville, Maryland, were under a tornado warning for a while. At 15:46, the National Weather Service reported that a severe thunderstorm that could trigger a tornado lay "above the US Capitol or over National Park."

Storm Damage, Roadblocks

In Rockville, Maryland, 16 Sophia Abedellatif was alone at home when the storm broke in and the power supply in her home failed. She said she went down to have a drink and saw a fire outside and a huge fallen tree outside.

She called 911, grabbed her two dogs and waited out in the rain for first responders. Her father, Yousef, was at work in Bethesda and said he "freaked out" seeing the pictures she sent. He said he would normally park his car where the tree had fallen.

In DC, a tree fell on the 18th place in the southeast into a house. No one was injured, but two workers and one resident had to be evacuated. And that was by far not the only house hit by a tree.

Crews around the National Mall cleared limbs and debris at the John Paul Jones Memorial on Independence Avenue.

The strong storms caused further damage to the fallen House Mulberry tree on the grounds of the Washington Monument, which was repaired yesterday. The National Park Service said that the force of the storm has shifted the temporary support of the tree, but the agency is confident that it can be salvaged its limbs. Initial assessment is confident that it can be re-stored, but we will not conduct a thorough analysis until the danger trees around the Natl Mall are cleared. pic.twitter.com/IEtSkWYE5i

– National Mall NPS (@NationalMallNPS) May 23, 2019

Devastation of the streets by run-down lines and debris; Keep an eye on the WTOP traffic page.

Pete Piringer of the Montgomery Fire and Rescue Service said via Twitter that the lines in the entire county have failed and at least one road has been closed due to power failure that at least one person has already been rescued from a car on the Rockville Pike in the Near the Beltway was in flood.

For example, in Arlington County, Glebe Road was closed between Henderson Road and US 50.

Power outages in the region


After the thunderstorms on Thursday, a cold front moves overnight, shifting the winds from south to northwest. According to Amelia Draper, meteorologist of the Storm Team4, the temperature drops close to the 1950s, resulting in a refreshing Friday with sunshine and less humidity. Friday: Mostly sunny, windy and warm, but less humid. Highs in the low 80s.

  • Saturday : Partly cloudy and warm. Peak values ​​near 80 degrees.
  • Sunday : Partly sunny, hot and humid with thunderstorm probability. Peak values ​​near 90 degrees.
  • Monday, day of remembrance : Partly sunny, warm and humid. Highs in the mid to upper 80s.
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