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Tory leadership contest: Boris Johnson pledges to cut income tax

 Boris Johnson

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Mr Johnson is in the contest to succeed Theresa May

Theresa May as prime minister.

Boris Johnson has been sentenced to death for more than $ 50,000 a year.

The former foreign secretary told the Telegraph he would use money currently set

His promise came as Work and Pension Secretary Amber Rudd said she believed Jeremy Hunt should be prime minister.

Tory MPs have until 1


Mrs May has been appointed as the Leader of the Conservative Party last week.

Conservative MPs who want to replace her.

But Michael Gove, one of the 11 to have so far declared their intention to run out of the race after being admitted using cocaine several times more than 20 years ago.

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Media caption Michael Gove: Cocaine use "what a crime and a mistake"

Former party chairwoman Baroness Warsi said it would be "hypocrisy of the highest order" for Mr. Gove to remain in the contest, after an article he wrote in 1999 in which he criticized "middle class professionals" who took drugs was republished.

Brexit and "stop Jeremy Corbyn ever getting the keys to Downing Street." The UK's next prime minister: What you need to know 19659019] Meanwhile, Mr Johnson told The Telegraph he planned to cut taxes for three million people by using the money from the Treasury for "fiscal headroom" in the event Brexit.

The paper estimates the move would cost £ 9.6bn a year.

"We should be raising the thresholds of income tax by fiscal drag, "Mr Johnson said.

However, Ms Rudd, leader of the centrist One Nation Conservative Caucus group and an influential voice on the Remain-supporting wing of the party, said:" These are serious times and Brussels wants to listen, not more bluster. "

Launching his campaign for leader on Monday, Mr Hunt wants to say the challenge of Brexit calls for" experienced, serious leader ", not the" art of empty rhetoric ".

Who wants to replace Theresa May?


  • BBC to host Tory leader TV debates
  • As the nominations are officially open:

    • Health Secretary Matt Hancock wants to argue he is the "fresh start" the country needs and can make the next decade the "soaring 20s". Home Secretary Sajid Javid picks up further support, with ministers Caroline Nokes and Victoria Atkins choosing to back him after Scottish. He says he will not make the case for capitalism at the heart of a manifesto Tory leader Ruth Davidson announced her support on Saturday
    • Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab wants to make a proposal to redirect £ 500m a year from the aid budget to create endangered species and habitats. Mark Harper, Andrea Leadsom and Esther McVey wants to launch their campaigns on Monday
    • Sam Gyimah says as prime minister he Rory Stewart
    • Rory Stewart used to be a video editor in the US

    BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said: "Tory MPs have yet to declare who they were backing."

    However, Tory MPs said they were backing.

    In the second half of the month, MPs supporting them, senior Tories decided to change the rules earlier this month.

    After nominations close, all 313 Conservative MPs will vote for their preferred candidate in a series of ballots held on 13, 18, 19 and 20 June to be the contenders one by one until only two are left.

    Due 16 other MPs in the first ballot and 32 colleagues in the second to proceed.

    If all the candidates exceed this threshold, the person with the least votes wants to be

    Conservative Party from 22 June, with the winner expected to come out of four weeks later.

    On Tuesday 18 June BBC One wants to be in the race for a live election debate between the conservative MPs.

    It should be open to all of you, not a specific politician.

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