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Tory Leadership Contest: Michael Gove promises EU citizenship applications

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Michael Gove will allow EU citizens living in Britain at the time of the referendum to apply for citizenship free of charge when he becomes prime minister.

The Minister of the Environment responsible for Brexit, who is running for Theresa May, will submit an "open and generous offer" according to sources.

A Tory rival, International Development Minister Rory Stewart, promised a "listening exercise" to Brexit. [1

9659005] So far, 10 conservative MPs have announced they will challenge the party leadership.

The official race starts at the beginning of June, after Theresa May resigned – but it started beating up between the candidates. The winner, who is expected to be appointed at the end of July, will also become prime minister.

  • Sajid Javid stands for leadership
  • Who stands?

Sources near Mr Gove, one of the leaders of the campaign on absence during The Brexit referendum in 2016, has informed the BBC that he is ready to accept proposals from Conservative MP Alberto Costa, who resigned as minister because of his stance resident EU citizens living in the UK.

When elected as the next Tory leader, it is said that he would lift the requirement of EU citizens to provide proof of their right to be in Britain to get rid of the system of "fixed status" ,

Those living in the country would only need documentation for specific purposes instead of having to register.

Mr. Costa welcomed Mr. Gove's proposal and called it "the morally right one".

A source close to the Environment Minister said, "That's just right, Vote Leave's promise to keep EU citizens who study, work and live in the UK cordially invited to stay."

The leadership contest took place after Ms. May had tried three times to get her Brexit resignation deal through the House of Commons and failed.

She announced it was resigning last week after an outcry in her party when she proposed a fourth vote by MPs.

Conservatives suffered heavy losses in the European elections on Thursday.

"Achieving agreement"

Mr Stewart said: "I want thousands of conversations across the country that have been coordinated through social media, with all the results digitally merged."

"And then we go back to Parliament and very quickly turn to ban talks on No Deal, ban talks on second referendum and focus on completing a deal.

Meanwhile, the Housing Minister Kit Malthouse is the youngest Conservative MP joining the race for the party presidency.

Sun newspaper over T On Tuesday, Mr. Malthouse said the campaign could not "be identical to the old faces

The other declared candidates for the replacement of Ms. May are:

  • Interior Minister Sajid Javid
  • Minister of Health Matt Hancock
  • Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt
  • 19659009] Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson
  • Former House Leader Andrea Leadsom
  • Former Labor and Pension Secretary Esther McVey
  • Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab

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