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Tory leadership: Sajid Javid has dropped out of the competition

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Media Title Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove will be chosen in the finals of the Tory leadership competition leadership race, allowing three contenders to compete for the job and be the next PM.

The Home Secretary received 34 votes behind Jeremy Hunt with 59 votes.

Michael Gove received 61 votes and front-runner Boris Johnson received 1

57. [19659004] Between 15:30 and 17:30, there will be a fifth round of voting in which the last two candidates will be selected.

This result is due around 18:15.

The remaining two MPs will compete against 160,000 members of the party, and the winner will be announced in the week of July 22. [19659004] BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg said, "The question now is, where do the votes of Mr. Javid go?"

"His followers were an interesting mixed bag, so it's not easy to read where they go go.

Mr. Javid is not expected to publicly support anyone this afternoon.

Mr. Javid said he was "really humble about the support I received."

Then it was more than worth it ", he said.

Ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said he was "incredibly grateful" for MEPs' support, but added, "we have much more to do".

Environment Minister Michael Gove jumped to second place and overtook Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt, who had been second overall to the previous round of voting.

Mr. Gove was "absolutely delighted" and added, "If I make the last two votes, I look forward to a civilized debate on the future of our country."

Jeremy Hunt's supporter Penny Mordaunt told the BBC, "The party must propose the best candidate to complete the Brexit."

"I think we have a better chance with Jeremy Hunt. "

Of the 313 Conservative deputies who voted, there were two spoiled ballots.

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