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Total Lunar Eclipse this Friday: How To Watch Online

The total lunar eclipse tomorrow (July 27) will not be visible to people in North America, and bad weather could even threaten the geographically fortunate – but in the digital age, no avid celestial observer is ever excluded.

Astronomy enthusiasts from across the Eclipse Zone will broadcast their views live. If you can not experience the event live, you have many options, and we'll pick one that you can share on Space.com.

Slooh will be turning over his online Lunar Eclipse telescope for a massive 6-hour Lunar New Year festival, reporting from 13:00 EDT (1700 GMT) and ending at 19:30 EDT (2300 GMT). The webcast will include a team of experts who specifically discuss the science and stories behind lunar eclipses in general and those long ones. [Here̵

7;s How Friday’s Superlong Lunar Eclipse Works]

The Virtual Telescope Project will also broadcast its view of the solar eclipse – and Mars in opposition – from the Palatine of Rome. This livestream will appeal to history lovers, with the ancient Arch of Constantine and the Coliseum dominating the skyline. The broadcast starts at 14:30. EDT (1830 GMT)

If you prefer England to Italy, the Royal Museums Greenwich, the site of the Royal Observatory, is for you. The observatory will broadcast the view from the Astrophoto telescope Annie Maunder on Facebook at 15.45. EDT (1945 GMT). Astronomers discuss eclipses, telescope techniques, and other celestial observation topics. [Blood Moon 2018: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century Occurs July 27]

The Bareket Observatory in Israel will be watching from its telescope and transmission will start at 14:30. EDT (1830 GMT)

For an Eclipse livestream in Spanish, listen to Sky Live TV, which broadcasts from Namibia with astronomers from the Canary Islands. The livestream starts at 14:20. EDT (1820 GMT)

Do not you want to hop in between livestreams for the best view? The weather channel will retrieve footage from a number of websites to share in its US viewer app. The program starts at 16 o'clock. EDT (2000 GMT) and last about an hour

Which broadcast you choose, happy lunar eclipse!

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