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Toyota Unveils Distinctive Carbon Fiber TRD Kit for Next-Generation Supra – News

It was really only a matter of time.

The upcoming Toyota GR Supra was designed from the beginning as a mobile playground for the tuning world. It was a subject that we raised at the end of last week and, like clockwork, Toyota's TRD range featured a new carbon fiber kit for the fifth generation sports coupe.

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As you The main theme of the kit is carbon fiber.

The lightweight material is used in all its glory to form a much more aggressive-looking body kit. The front splitter is wider and continues to swing over the flanks – at the same time a wind curtain for the front wheels.

On the side, larger side skirts offer similar advantages for the turbulence of the rear wheels. There is also a new carbon fiber cut under each door. Maybe to fool viewers from afar, as it looks almost like a huge air intake (especially in combination with a contrasting color like yellow).

Finally, there is the carbon rear diffuser and the rear wing; They are both taller and bolder than most cars the Supra targets, like the Porsche Cayman.

In addition to all the advantages in terms of Aero and weight, the kit should reduce the overall ride height. The rear overhang is especially reduced with a decrease of 24 mm.

A speed limit friend, this car certainly is not.

The other announced TRD extension are chic 19-inch aluminum forged wheels. The multi-spoke monsters reduce rolling resistance and give the Supra an intimidating street presence.

Most of these minor changes are known to supra-anoraks. Many of them are parts that are simply made from Toyota's & # 39; Performance Line Concept & # 39; taken out in February at the Chicago Auto Show. The parts themselves are currently exclusive to Japan … but do not expect this to happen for a long time.

In Supra Aftermarket Explainer last week, we did not talk about how all the little details – the holes for bracing in the engine compartment, the space under and behind the front fenders for extra cooling and installation, the rear fender attachment points – would it Toyota and Gazoo Racing actually make it easy to whip up a faster version of the factory.

Hmm. Maybe that's the plan …

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