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Toyota's Corolla Hatchback 2019 supports both Alexa and CarPlay

Of course there is more. The new hatch is the first Toyota in North America to use the company's latest safety sensor hardware, including pre-collision warning systems for cars and pedestrians, radar cruise control, tracking and automatic high beam. Jump for the upgrade XSE model instead of the base SE and you'll see a 7-inch in-dash display that helps with navigation and auto settings.

Toyota has not revealed prices for the Corolla hatchback, but the car should be up for sale in North America during the summer. The 201

8 Corolla iM starts at $ 18,850 – we would not be shocked to see a higher price for the Corolla hatchback (automakers are looking for gradual increases), but that still means you're paying under $ 20,000. The only ones who get the short end of the stick can be Yaris buyers. Toyota has just introduced the 2019 version of its entry-level sedan without the technical advantages mentioned above, so you'll have to wait further if you want Alexa or CarPlay, but can not justify getting a Corolla.

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