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Trade winds blew up Monday; The reconstruction of the roster begins

Projected trade winds blew with gale force on Monday afternoon as the LA Kings sent 29-year-old defender Jake Muzzin to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Toronto's first draft election. Forward Reason: Carl Grundstrom (of the AHL Ontario) and the rights to the 20-year defensive prospect Sean Durzi (who remains in OHL-Guelph during his above-average season).

Basic power was the second round (57th overall) in 2016, and Durzi was the second round (52nd overall) in 2018, while Muzzin, a 2014 Stanley Cup champion, became General Manager Rob Blake has described "Elite Defenseman" finished his 496-game long career in Los Angeles with 51 goals and 213 points as well as a 50-game playoff career that scored seven goals, 20 points and the 201

4 Stanley Cup. He is a career plus 24 player who was obsessed with possession, especially at the beginning of his career. Muzzin, who gained prominence with a Corsi percentage of 64.0% in 2012/13, has not achieved a negative corsi-for comparison with his team mates in any of his seven full NHL seasons. In a Kings League with the last place in the years 2018-1919, he led the defenders of the club with +3.8 CF% Rel and a rating of plus 10.

"An outstanding player, a great person, has taken a huge step in the leadership in years to come," said Blake of Muzzin. "Very difficult day here for us. Players who have contributed so much to this organization and organizing a Stanley Cup are very difficult. We wish Jake all the best. He was enormous for his time here in LA.

Blake speaks for many people when he praises Muzzin. Building for the "future" was certainly an issue in his conference call. Emotionally, this is a raw moment for an organization that could soon break away from a range of emotional leaders and productive personalities who played a key role in the team's glory years. With Muzzin leaving, there are 10 players from the 2014 Stanley Cup team.

"It was a tough conversation with him," Blake said. "I have a lot of respect for him, which he was able to do in difficult circumstances this year. So it was a very difficult call. As for the trade itself and the timing and everything, I think you come to a point where you both sides are acceptable and settle the deal. Whether you wait or not is another matter. We were familiar with what's going on here today, so the deal was done in a way. "

The two acquired prospects have been well proven since their designs and are interesting, if not A-grade class line breakers. Fortunately, this trade was done with Toronto. So if you are a subscriber to The Athletic, you can choose between Carl Grundstrom articles or notes on the AHL ownership rates.

A non-Kings source said this from Grundstrom: "Great guy, team player, outrider, who was well known in Sweden as well before the net and fearless , Character guy. Another source outside the organization confirmed the character and forward aspects of his game. I often rely on Corey Pronman for these notes, and within the system of Toronto, which was ranked 19th by Pronman among the NHL systems, Grunstrom ranked fifth and in the Legit NHL Prospect area – below the range " Very Good NHL Prospect ", but over" Hat A "chance. "Blake liked his competitors, his commitment and his work" and called them "foothold." "His sense and attitude are above average and he's a strong skater.

Via Pronman ($):

5. Carl Grundstrom, LW, Toronto-AHL
Grundström had a solid season in Sweden, coming overseas later and playing an important role for the Marlies. He plays hard and plays fast. Grundstrom is a hard-core winger who comes to the net and has an advantage in his game. He is not just crap and grind, as he has a bit of pace and can play games. When he was younger, I thought he had an offensive potential as a playmaker. I have somewhat surpassed that expectation in recent years, but I have the pieces he made when he was younger. Maybe he's just a good bottom six / PK guy, but I think it could be more.

Graig Abel / Getty Images

Meanwhile, Durzi "moves the puck proactively and shows a very good vision," said So Pronman, who had shot the six-foot, 196-shot defender for right, "… a good one Puck handler, who occasionally can show the flare of top attacking skills in recent summer rankings, is one of those players who seem to fit into a newer, faster NHL that prefers faster, more competent teams with little time left in the game

"Yeah, and I think it fits in the mold to come back and get pucks I quickly found and found them," said Blake, who also noted the hockey intelligence of Durzi. Of course, Alec Martinez is another player at the back of his mind who has been tracked down by opposing teams before a hypothetical decision is made, with Durzi joining off with Sean Walker and Kale Clague as offensive Those who do not want to be undersized in touch, but in line with the way the team and the game are in vogue.

"Sean Walker got a different look with his feet and his speed, and Sean continues to play in that role," Blake said. Durzi, Walker and Clague are all on the right side, as is Matt Roy, who may have a chance in the second half of the season.

David Kirouac / Icon Sportswire

We have all been reporting for weeks: The LA Kings organization is being redesigned, and there will be a lot of effort to break up with players whose running time and cost are unaffected by no-movement – or no-trade clauses and players whose contracts expire. Some players are more difficult to move than others; The harvest of the full bounty will be known only after the NHL Draft and the 1st of July. But while this will be healthy for an organization that needs to be younger, faster, and much more skilful, it will play a role in the emotional cost of those inside and outside the walls of the Toyota Sports Center, both pulling strings Also witnessing the distribution of parts that bring the team to the highest heights it has ever achieved.

"I'm sure this is a shock to many players when they are traded. As I said, it's never easy conversations, and once again, I'll repeat the respect we have for Jake and what he has achieved with our organization. He helped us win the Stanley Cup and you can not ask for more from a player than that, "said Blake.

" I think we're in a position to look up every day in the standings. We are not happy about where we are, we are not sure where we are, and now we have to make decisions for the best of the organization. "

Dave Sandford / NHLI

Rob Blake, too The Pros and Cons of Trade:
I'm not sure there are any pros and cons to this aspect, and both sides have been in a few weeks in some discussions and have come to an agreement today so that this whole process went on.

Blake, about a business that is changing the team:
This is a move that is obviously preparing for the future and going into the future, and we have in return a draft pick and a few more recent perspectives, and whether it was now or the deadline, that's what we've focused on for a while, and we did that here today.

Blake, whether the idea of ​​waiting was included in the deal:
No, not really. I think that once we understood the parameters of the deal, we were happy with it at least today.

Blake on how active his trading calls were:
I think the calls are general throughout the league. It's active conversations and that. I'm not sure it's any different than usual. They always strive to improve in certain aspects, and you look at all these options as you go about it.

Blake, if there will be a transition from West to East for Jake Muzzin:
I do not think so. I think he is an elite defender. He will bring the physical aspect, but he has patience and patience to do plays. I think the adaptation will be self-evident for him because he is a top defender.

– Photo about Juan Ocampo / NHLI

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