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Training Camp Daily: The defensive is still "picking" on Bears QBs in rainy practices

BOURBONNAIS, Ill. – An open postcard from the bears "D":

Yes, we know that we need more interceptions. And we do something about it, even if Mitch does not like it – Quarterbacks never do it. Tru & # 39; was probably not in a good mood after Nick Kwiatkoski made his way through the traffic, then distracted and taken a pass from Mitch for a pick after Kyle (Fuller) hit one in 10 in 7-on-7 would have. After Cre & # 39; broke from LeBlanc in front of Adam Shaheen to intercept one of Chase Daniel's throws, Mitch and Prince (Amukamara) did a little bit of aftermath. But hey …

Kwit has a great camp, the offensive training with Danny Trevathan, who solves an Achilles tendon problem and still has not signed Roquan Smith. Coach Nagy told us and said on Sunday that you have to win your job, there's nothing here, and Kwit does not reveal anything.

We all caused problems for the offense. Prince released a Mitch litter to Kevin White and then defended two snapshots against Josh Bellamy. Kyle also made a long break with White, and even in the seventh round the QB had to keep the ball longer because of the good coverage.

(Kevin had a confusing day, burning us with a long TD catch for double cover, but also dropping another Mitch Trubisky deep-heave with no one closer than five meters and the football came out as he hit the floor another hook.)

We've even created a "problem" for coach Nagy, who is an offensive guy, an ex-QB himself and a former O coordinator, but now he has at least one being a little bit happy we're doing something for defense. As he said on Sunday, "The biggest difference [as a head coach] is that you can not digress too much, no matter how, you're right in the middle, so if Mitch throws an interception, it's good for our defense, right? It's not good for Mitch, so how do you balance that? "

Really, we should be ahead of the action. Two reasons: First, the offensive is still learning their playbook and many new people; and secondly, as Eddie [Jackson] said, "I just know that we have better chemistry because we have players here last year, it's like the biggest thing you can see, but the offense does a great job out there and give us a good look. "

The pads were scheduled for Sunday practice, so there were more punches. The offensive will catch up more and more, so we'll just enjoy the edge as long as it lasts.


The "D"

P.S. High-fives for all fans who came to training and survived the rain. We're paid to be out there, but you're there because you're bear fans. Thank you

* * *

Let's do it officially

Game during training Sunday was sloppy sometimes, understandable in the face of repeated rains as well as the inevitable early camp learning curves.

But the training was conducted using NFL officials who made their annual camp visits to review and explain new rules, and the bears committed too many penalties to satisfy the coaches.

Anthony Miller, rookie wide receiver, was tagged offensive pass interference at an early 7-on-7 race, and a handful of other bears picked up the yellow lingerie from the officials. A defensive offside, a few false starts and other interference ̵

1; all these things have to be "cleaned up" before the flags start counting.

* * *

A-Rob Impact and Workload Growing

The # 1 thing in anyone watching the training camp is "What does Trubisky look like?" Not far behind But what about Robinson? His knee okay?

If early camp performances, including Sunday's in full swing, are an indicator, and a handful of practices are not always final, then the answers to the hoped-for franchise wide-out are clearly positive. Bears' agent signing in this offseason has repeatedly turned into strong games and has been targeted in the course of Trubisky's progress to be satisfied with his ability to be open and earn the trust of his quarterback.

Robinson has Robinson comes from the season's knee surgery a year ago and has probably put a handful of rest days into his plan, like the bears with Guard Kyle Long.

"We want to be able to monitor and make sure we do not overdo anything," Traine said Mr. Matt Nagy. He has worked really hard to get to that point, so for us, just to have an idea of ​​where he is, how many repetitions he gets, and Coach [Mike] has a good job for Furreys made. "

] * * *

Fan favorite … Kind

This author went back to O & # 39; Hare a few weeks ago and at an adjacent gate were bears, the Tarik Cohen run back. Just time to exchange a few courtesies and I left. But the notable part of the moment was that nobody – no … a recognized Cohen. # 1

Then came Saturday morning and the first day fans completed a training camp. The biggest ovation went to quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Not far away, however, was the welcome from Cohen, an indication that the second-year ultra-back (with apologies for Raymont Harris, the original Ultraback) will not go unnoticed on too many O & # 39; Hare goals.

"A few people knew me at the airport," Cohen said. "I just lowered my head and kept it moving – airports are crowded places."

An applause that comes to practice "feels great," Cohen said. "It's as if your hard work pays off a bit, but I'm looking for bigger ovations for the games."

* * *

Sick bay

Rookie linebacker linebacker Joel Iyiegbuniwe was added to a defense. Heavy list of injured failures, with what coach Matt Nagy reported, was a shoulder injury. He joins linebackers Aaron Lynch and Danny Trevathan and cornerback Sherrick McManis, who all suffer from a thigh strain.

Close end Daniel Brown still has an ankle injury.

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