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Trent Williams reveals that he had cancer and accuses Redskins of not recognizing him earlier

"I almost lost my life," he said.

Thursday marked the first time that 31-year-old Williams has spoken publicly since the end of last season. He had in recent months instructed his relatives not to speak in his name, leaving vague clues that he was dissatisfied with a medical diagnosis and had health problems.

When he finally spoke, he told far more of a serious story about a cancer that sneaks into his skull and the fear that he might die, leaving a huge gap between the most respected Redskins player and the doctors and the Management of the team, which apparently is not closed.

Cancer, he said, is called dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans or DFSP, a soft tissue sarcoma that develops in the deep layers of the skin. He noted the growth for the first time late in the 201

3 season and said he had asked the doctors then and at other times in the following years, as the growth grew. Every time, he said, he was told that growth was no cause for concern.

It was not until the team became more concerned about the growth in this off-season and sent it to the affiliated INOVA hospital that the doctors estimated it was a serious illness, he said. Williams then went to a hospital in Chicago, where he was diagnosed with cancer. At some point in the middle of winter he had to undergo surgery to remove it.

"We literally captured it through my brain up to my skull within weeks of metastasis," Williams said. "And described how to ask a doctor to fix his affairs if he fails

"Think about how you describe your 9-year-old, your 5-year-old, that Daddy might not be here," Williams said. "Its hard."

That's why Williams was angry enough to persevere. He did not directly confirm the suggestions of friends and co-workers that he does not want to play for the Redskins again, but he did not sound like someone who wants to be with the team. He said none of the team visited him during his two-week hospital stay – he had flown to Chicago, but not back.

When asked if he wants to be traded, he smiled and giggled.

When Asked When he trusts the organization, he said, "No, there is no trust."

He returned to the team on Tuesday afternoon just before 16:00 hrs, when it was clear he would not be passed on to another team – something he had requested on June 1. With his message he can claim that he has fulfilled the obligations of his contract, which expires at the end of the 2020 season he should be a free agent at this time.

Williams failed on a physical Wednesday morning when he was unable to comfortably put a helmet on his head. He said he had tried two helmets without luck and added that surgeons had cut out 30 percent of his scalp to remove the tumor and that there was still some pain in the two wound repair procedures.

What has not been fixed is his relationship with the only NFL team he has played for in his nine seasons.

"There are some things that are difficult to understand, if I'm completely honest with you," he said. "That's it."

"To be honest, I can not name anything, it's whatever," he later said. "You can draw the conclusions, if you want."

Williams spoke for 18 minutes. He was wearing a white cap on his head and as he smiled several times, his foot palpation became a point where his whole body was sometimes trembling.

"I do not think anyone took the time to see what was going on there," he said, describing what he thought was the way the team doctors handled the questions he was discussing over the years regarding the growth of his head. "Football was more important and more important to me. I've been told it's trivial, so I did not really question them. But I mean, the lump has continued to grow over the years, that was disconcerting, but there was no pain, and when the very people I entrust to my careers tell me, people tell me I'm fine, [then] I'm fine. That's how I saw it.

A Redskins spokesman said the team doctor would not speak at the time and the team would not comment.

Williams was repeatedly asked if he would play for the Redskins again. The first time he said, "We'll see the helmet thing go out."

Later, he answered.

"I love football," he said. "Football has done everything for me in my life. That's all I ever knew. … but I feel that things could have been handled much better. Obviously, it has brought us to this point. "

Williams also seemed frustrated that the Redskins had not acted on him. One person who was aware of the situation said that team president Bruce Allen did not want to send the franchisee's top player to another team in response to Williams Holdout, believing that the accumulation of fines and lost game checks would ultimately bring Williams back. He has already lost just over half of his $ 10.25 million salary this season and some of his signing bonuses. Allen changed this attitude two days before the close, but no agreement was reached.

"If you give them 48 hours to reach an agreement, it probably will not happen," he said. "I just felt that this was done to embarrass me, so to speak. Try to create a sense that nobody wants you. They are not good enough to trade with us. "I felt it was the game instead of moving."

Williams looked down at the floor and asked if he trusted Allen.

"Next question," he said icily.

Asked about team owner Daniel Snyder, however, Williams said he still appreciated his friendship and seemed to separate him from Allen.

"It was not his fault" Williams Snyder said, "He's not down in the gym. It's not up to him. It's nobody's business. I had a very rare form of cancer; My displeasure stems from how long it took and how it was neglected and how it almost cost me my life. "

In some places, Williams talked about his disappointment that the team had not renegotiated his contract, especially given his reputation as a front runner and one of the league's best left wing outs, complaining that his last two years are not guaranteed and that he has no assurance that he will be serviced by the team, especially if he has an injury.

"We do not have this The best story in terms of how medical stuff is handled here," Williams said of the Redskins, which had injured a large number of players in recent seasons and the high profile ones Watching players like quarterbacks Alex Smith and Colt McCoy watch As Derrius Guice ran back, he experienced a complicated healing from his injuries.

However, Williams added that he did not request a new contract during his stay, stating that he had lost so much faith in the team that he would not. & # 39; I do not want to talk about renegotiating his deal.

Williams was pleased to see his team-mates again, and regretted that his holdout could have injured the team, leading to his 1-7 start and former coach Jay Gruden – whom Williams said he "loved" – fired at become.

In the end, his biggest concern, however, seemed to be the distant tumor, the fact that he has to do follow-up examinations every six months to make sure he won did not come back, and the anger he feels about the treatment.

On Wednesday he had to face some of the doctors he did not respect when they examined him for his physical condition. The experience was not pleasant and his eyes became cold as he told them.

"It felt weird to say the least," he said. "That did it. I did not think that I have to do that. "

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