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Trevor Bauer Announces "69 Days of Giving" as a Mockery of Arbitration

Only Trevor Bauer could annoy the charity so much. In his endless campaign to prove that he is smarter than anyone else, Bauer has been busy mocking the baseball's award … with giving. Bauer initially set his arbitration award to $ 6.9 million before the MLB asked him for a reasonable price. Bauer then put his number at $ 6,420,969.69 before settling down to $ 6,525,000.

Presumably, because this number was not associated with sophomoric humor, Bauer decided to donate his extra money. He announced a campaign called "69 Days of Giving," in which Bauer donated $ 689,000 to charities that were proposed to him by fans for 68 days each day. On the 69th day he will donate $ 69,420.69 to a charity of his choice.

Oh, and he announced it all in a 69-second video.

The cause? Brilliant. Mocking arbitration? Good. The means? Eh. Bauer is undeniably a smart guy, though he had a few run-ins, as he told in February of last year to a fan of " quit life ". His personality is hilarious, disgusting, arrogant and unreasonable ̵

1; everything is illustrated in this video. The last feature is also illustrated: Intelligent.

Bauer has reasons not to like mediation, mind you.

"When it first came out, it was good because it gave players a way to increase their salaries, while teams have years of control," said Bauer about Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan. "I think it's obsolete in many ways now, it mostly suppresses players' salaries, it should be reworked, the way teams handle the agency this year, and all the years of team control . "

I promote everything that serves charitable purposes. Bauer only does it in a very peasant way, so it's understandable that some people find the cause of something insincere.

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