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Triple H sells its vision of WWE as its own territorial system

WWE has just opened a Performance Center in the UK, and Triple H is there, making media rounds. Of course, he was asked by Inside the Ropes (in the above embedded video) how NXT UK fits into the overall picture of WWE, namely, whether wrestlers could one day be in the lead list or not.

That's when he started his sales WWE becomes its own territorial system:

"There are some talents that could come from Britain that could move straight to Raw, to SmackDown. I think now there is this kind of perceived system where it is Raw, SmackDown, NXT and then NXT UK or whatever. I do not believe that. I believe that talents are talents and I believe that they are sitting where they are. I think you'll see talents coming across Raw and SmackDown over the next few years, and I think you'll see that they switch back to NXT or return to the NXT UK system. I think talents will, so to speak, develop and rotate through territories, and if this extends to the rest of the world, it will begin to happen in the Middle East, India, Japan, or South America to see that this system is taking place talents can develop. I think there will be some talents that will be incredibly successful, become global names, and be global household names that will probably never leave the NXT system because that's where they are and where they are. They will have incredibly successful and meaningful careers, and probably will settle in various locations around the world during these careers, perhaps without ever being on Raw or SmackDown, but that's no less for their careers. "

With this kind of WWE, it's making its TV deals with USA Network and FOX, not to mention the WWE network. This type of system may not be the dream that a few years ago would have been. Of course, this does not necessarily warrant, as these regional promotions need to be successful in their own region as they build stars that can be rotated around any action, but that's a strong idea.

That is, it still seems to be clear It is obvious that the idea of ​​ Monday Night Raw is something other than the show number one in the WWE. The one who could leave the most creative behind just sounds hollow. Triple H can say something else, but Raw is the top show, followed by SmackDown followed by NXT and then NXT UK. Of course, this is a long-term plan they have put together, and the plan is still in its infancy.

If nothing else, it should be most interesting to see how far they can achieve this.

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