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Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and other WWE executives sell over $ 160 million of WWE stock

The WWE share is currently performing very well and several executives, including Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kevin Dunn, have recently sold many of their shares. According to SEC reports released today, a number of WWE executives have withdrawn their shares while prices were $ 82.92 per share.

WWE stock dropped to $ 81.05 this morning, but rallied to $ 82.52 at market close. WWE executives sold a total of $ 160,807,208 in stock.

WWE stock prices have risen steadily since the Fox Sports deal was announced. SmackDown Live will launch every Friday at Fox on a five-year, $ 1 billion deal starting in October 2019.

Vince McMahon sold 3.34 million WWE shares in December 2017 to fund Alpha Entertainment for the rebirth of XFL football in 2020. At that time, McMahon unloaded its shares at $ 32 apiece for an estimated $ 1

00 million dollars. If he had serviced and sold his shares with the rest of these executives, he would have earned around $ 276,952,800 million to launch the new XFL.

  Vince McMahon unloaded a ton of shares

You can see a list of the executive and the amount of WWE stock they sold below:

  • executive vice president, television production, Kevin Dunn: 122,926 shares for $ 10,193,023 , 90
  • Co-President, Michelle Wilson: 121,181 shares for $ 10,048,328.50
  • Co-President, George Barros: 120,546 shares for $ 9,995,474.32
  • Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon Levesque : 17,373 shares for $ 1,440,569.16 [19659008] Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events & Creative, Paul Levesque (Triple H): 17,272 shares for $ 1,432,194.24 [19659008] President, WWE Studios, Michael Luisi: 16,579 shares for $ 1,374,730.68
  • Corporate Controller, Mark Kowal: 4,913 shares for $ 407,385.96

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