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Tropical cyclone Veronica floods the Australian coast of Pilbara with life-threatening flooding

Life and property will be in grave danger early this week along the northwestern coast of Western Australia as the tropical cyclone Veronica slows down and discharges extreme rains.

Veronica is part of a two strike of tropical cyclones on Australia. Trevor hit the northeastern Northern Territory on Saturday.

Veronica will follow Monday (local time) with flooding rains along the coast of Pilbara.

Although the locals do not land in the area, they live in low-lying areas between Port Hedland and Pretty Pool has been asked to evacuate, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). This includes the suburb Wedgefield.

  Veronica 3/25

Areas near Veronica and along their tracks are at risk of heavy flooding and destructive winds. A life-threatening storm surge can flood the coastal communities near and to the east of Veronica.

Gusts of wind can cause damage to well-built houses and many trees. Coastal communities can remain without electricity or water for several days or weeks after the cyclone.

On Sunday morning, a gust of 118 km / h was observed in Port Hedland.


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Veronica also releases torrential and flooding rain.

Since the beginning of Saturday, 213 mm of rain have fallen in Port Hedland. This is more than four times their normal March precipitation and nearly 70 percent of the normal annual rainfall.

The Veronica movement has slowed down significantly since it approached the coast, causing heavy rains.

Extreme rainfall of 250 to 500 mm (10-20 inches) with an AccuWeather Local StormMax ™ of 760 mm (30 inches). can range from Balla Balla and Port Hedland to Marble Bar until Monday.

  Veronica Sat

Satellite image of Veronica approaching local time on Saturday night. Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Widespread flooding allows communities and roads to be flooded. Residents should pay attention to all warnings from officials.

With houses drowning in the worst-affected flood areas, crews need boats and helicopters to bring them to safety.

Remember never to run or run in flood waters. It only takes 150 mm (6 inches) and 300 mm (12 inches) of fast flowing water to sweep one person and most vehicles away.

The flooding seas will continue to storm the coast east of Veronica until Monday.

Download the free AccuWeather app to find out about tropical dangers in your community.

Despite heavy storms unloading, Veronica is expected to weaken rapidly on Monday. The cyclone will drift west with scattered showers and thunderstorms that last until Tuesday.

By the middle of the week, the Pilbara coast will become drier to carry out rescue and recovery operations] (function () {
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