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Tropical storm Hanna hits southern Texas with strong wind and heavy rain, while coronavirus cases are increasing

One day later roar ashore as a hurricaneHanna lashed the Texas Gulf Coast on Sunday with strong winds and drenched rainfall that destroyed boats, flooded streets, and turned off power in a region already hit by an increase Coronavirus cases.

Hanna was downgraded to a tropical depression and crossed the US-Mexico border at wind speeds of nearly 80 km / h, the National Hurricane Center said. In parts of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico, more than 30 cm of rain was dumped.

Border communities whose health systems were already affected by COVID 19 cases ̵

1; with some patients being flown to larger cities – were besieged by the first hurricane in the United States Atlantic season 2020. There were no immediate reports of deaths on either side of the border.

Hurricane Hanna - Corpus Christi, Texas
Allen Heath is investigating the damage to a private marina after being hit by Hurricane Hanna on July 26, 2020 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Heath’s boat and about 30 others were lost or damaged.

Eric Gay / AP

Dr. Ivan Melendez, the health agency in Hidalgo County, Texas, treated a patient overnight in a hospital when he and a nurse noticed that water was flowing down a wall and accumulating on the floor. The water flowed through a vent in the room that had been retrofitted with a fan to create negative pressure and prevent the virus from spreading in the hospital.

After driving home in the storm in the middle of the night, Melendez was trapped in his house by fallen trees on Sunday morning and had no electricity. He used the phone to discuss whether a 58-year-old woman should be connected to a ventilator, a decision he couldn’t make without seeing the patient in person.

“You look into people’s eyes,” he said. “You will know if they are desperate.”

Another doctor decided to put the woman on the ventilator, he said later.

Henry Van De Putte, CEO of the Gulf Coast Texas Chapter of the Red Cross, said the organization would open more shelters with reduced capacity to ensure social detachment. Volunteers and people seeking refuge are subjected to temperature controls and a doctor is assigned to each location, he said.

A community center in Mercedes, Texas known as the “Dome” was reserved for evacuees who tested positive for COVID-19 or who were exposed to the virus. Accommodation has also been opened in hotels, schools and gyms across the region.

Van De Putte emphasized that people should not delay seeking help because of the virus.

“Yes, coronavirus poses risks, but also floods, no electricity and no medication,” he said. “We do everything we can to create a safe environment.”

In the Mexican border town of Reynosa, a maternity home was damaged by heavy rain and water had to be pumped out, the authorities said. Some patients had to be transferred to the upper floors and some were evacuated to other hospitals, said Pedro Granados, director of civil protection in Tamaulipas.

Coastal states attempted to adjust hurricane contingency plans this spring to accommodate the virus, and Hanna was the first major test. Governor Greg Abbott said Saturday that some people in need of protection would be given hotel rooms to keep them away from others.

Abbott announced on Sunday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved an emergency statement that will provide federal assistance.

Tropical weather
A man was stranded in his boat after the docks in the marina where his boat was secured were destroyed when Hurricane Hanna landed in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday, July 25, 2020. Firefighters gave up a rescue mission for security reasons.

Eric Gay / AP

Hanna blew ashore late Saturday afternoon as a Category 1 storm at 90 mph winds not far from Port Mansfield, about 130 miles south of Corpus Christi.

Myrle Tucker, 83, tried to overcome the storm with a motor boat that was docked in a Corpus Christi marina. But wind and rain blew out of the ship’s windows. Finally, rescuers could reach him in a dinghy and bring them ashore. Many other boats were flooded and strapped down by the storm.

Tucker said he told his rescuers that he was unsure if he could climb out of his boat.

“You picked me up,” he said. “They carried me like a box of napkins.”

More than 150,000 customers across South Texas lost electricity on Sunday, including Corpus Christi, Harlingen and Brownsville.

Tropical weather
Jame Rowles is investigating the damage after the docks in the marina where his boat was secured were destroyed when Hurricane Hanna landed in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday, July 25, 2020.

Eric Gay / AP

Corpus Christi is located in Nueces County, where 60 babies tested positive for COVID-19 from July 1-16. Further south in Cameron County, more than 300 new cases have been reported almost daily in the past two weeks. Last week was also the deadliest of the county’s pandemic.

Hanna came almost three years later Hurricane Harvey blew ashore northeast of Corpus Christi. Hanna was not expected to be as destructive as Harvey, who killed 68 people and caused an estimated $ 125 billion in damage in Texas.

In the Mexican city of Matamoros, opposite Brownsville, the rains shook the tents in a refugee camp that was home to an estimated 1,300 asylum seekers, including newborns and the elderly, who had been waiting for months for US immigration trials, informally called “stay in.” Mexico. “

In the Pacific Ocean now Hurricane Douglas closed over the weekend in Hawaii.

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