Take a journey into your younger days with one of the country's best known retail chains.

Toys R Us is about to make a comeback under a new name with a much smaller footprint.

Bloomberg Launches Bloomberg Nearly One Year After the Closure of the Restricted Toys R Us Branches at the End of June 2018 According to reports, a new e-commerce site and half a dozen shops could open before Christmas.

Richard Barry, who previously served as Global Chief Merchandising Officer for Toys R Us and is President and CEO of the new Tru Kids Inc. Bloomberg, relying on the people familiar with the plans, reported on his vision of achieving a revival of the chain. Many of the Toys R Us stores closed last year were around 30,000 square meters in size.

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One year after the closure of Toys R Us, toy manufacturers are still shelving the loss of R Us. This means reducing the number of styles, re-evaluating the sale of large toys and changing the packaging in order to reduce retail sales space. (9th April)

In February, the new company announced in a statement that it started operations on January 20 as Tru Kids Brands and "proud parent of Toys" R "Us, Babies" R "Us, Geoffrey was and more than 20 established toy and baby brands. "

On June 5, the new company announced that it would return to Australia and make its debut in New Zealand.

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Toys R Us has a new owner who wants to celebrate a US comeback. (Photo: Tru Kids Brands)

Tru Kids will be based in New Jersey, employing a team of former employees of Toys R Us.

"We have a unique opportunity to write the next chapter of Toys R Us by launching a novel omnichannel retail experience for our popular brands here in the US," Barry said in the February Declaration, in which the plans were announced. 19659005 A spokeswoman for Tru Kids told Bloomberg that it was unwilling to publicly share details about its US strategy.

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