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Trucks with Starbucks products carrying 126 pounds of meth

A batch of Starbucks products transported between California and Washington contained something much stronger than an extra shot of espresso.

Centralia Police Department officials seized nearly 130 pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs bound in the Spokane after Fox 13 on Thursday after a traffic stop.

The authorities said both the driver and co-driver of the 1996 Freightliner tractor and refrigerated truck had behaved suspiciously and asked them to request the help of a drug snoop canine

The dog put 40 tablets of meth in a TV box The top bunk of the bunk of the truck and another 50 bundles under the mattress on the lower berth free, as the Olympian reported.

Authorities also found several grams of cocaine, just over 2 pounds of what they consider to be heroin and thousands of 30 milligrams of oxycodone pills.

None of th The illegal substances were stowed in the truck's refrigerated trailer housing the Starbucks products. Officers said the merchant for the coffee mega chain was not contaminated and was loaded onto another truck that went on to Spokane without any problem.

The driver, a 22-year-old from Mexico, and the passenger, a 62-year-old native of California, was arrested for multiple drug attacks and taken to Lewis County Prison.

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