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Trump administration families separated. Reunion is a mess.

It was not like that.

The administrative and moral quagmire of children brought to illegally cross the southern border by their parents following the White House's "zero tolerance" policy is as persistent as ever – even though it is no longer so direct to consciousness Shattering the Public

On Friday, with the last signs of clutter in the administration, officials have admitted in court that they might miss a judge's term on Tuesday to unite children under 5 with their parents. One of the complications is that civil servants perform DNA tests on children to make sure they are reunited with their own parents.

The revelation suggests that the political time Trump contributed to signing the executive order on June 20 failed with audiotapes of crying children and shootings of children crammed into cages could turn out to be dead.
"Everyone with a heart would be very happy about it," Trump said back then, and he got a congratulatory tweet from his daughter Ivanka as if he had nothing to do with the practice at all.

"Now that an EO has been signed, family separation at the border ends and it's time to focus on the fast and safe reunion of separated families." The first daughter tweeted.

But hopes that the reunions would be quick were smashed in court on Friday and by other reports of a badly disturbed system, which was overpowered when the president ordered a so-called null Tol (1

9659002) Some parents who immigrated CNN have informed them that they do not know how to contact their children – despite a legal deadline that has expired Friday for the administration to at least bring parents into telephone contact with their descendants.

A Guatemalan woman named Lesvia, who came out of a Texas detention center Thursday, told CNN Miguel Marquez on Friday that she has no answers about the whereabouts of her 10-year-old son, whom she last saw on May 19.

"Just give me my son," she said, sobbing.

The administration has yet to tell the Americans exactly how many children are still in custody, how long they will remain separated from their parents, and when that grim chapter of modern political history will end.

Secretary of Health and Social Services Alex Azar tweeted on Friday that his staff were working hard to get the job done [19659006] "As we adapt to new requirements and new circumstances, we have tremendous resources and deployed hundreds of additional staff to drive reunification of minors with their verified parents, "he wrote.

At a San Diego court hearing On Friday, the administration said it needed more time to reunite the families. Currently, all children younger than 5 must be returned to their parents by 10 July, and families with older children must be reunited by 26 July.

Judge Dana Sabraw handed over the government until 5pm. Saturday will include a list of all under-5s that they believe are covered by the reunification regulation, as well as the reasons why they may need more time to complete meetings in some cases.

The Department of Justice said at the hearing that 101 children were affected in custody who were younger than 5, 83 had been matched with 86 parents. Forty-six of these parents were in custody of the immigration and customs authorities, which means that reunification could be possible.

But 19 parents have already been removed from the US and 19 have been dismissed by ICE (19659002) Democratic MP Eric Swalwell from California said on CNN's "The Situation Room" on Friday that the government should not receive an extension.

"Their highest priority now needs to be reunited every child separated from their mother and father, the American people, they want order on our borders, but they also want to make sure that we do it compassionately," said Swalwell.

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Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are far from fighting to solve bureaucratic blockades and alleviate the human misery of separations, and again use sharp ones political rhetoric on immigration to shore up the political foundations of their White House

"A poll for Democrats in November is a vote to run wild-leaking MS-13s in our communities, letting drugs flow into our cities, and To take work and benefits away from hard-working Americans, "Trump Yesterday Friday he tweeted while ignoring the separation crisis.

A few hours later, Pence intensified his chief's efforts to mislead the narration of children held by their parents in a foreign land to the calls of some Democrat MPs for the abolition of ICE.

"We will always be proud of our brave heroes of ICE and the Border Patrol," Pence said as he addressed ICE officials and brought greetings from Trump, whom he described as a "great champion of law and order." He did not mention any efforts to correct family divisions.

Trump and Pence were, in a sense, receiving an opening from several Democrats, including some potential presidential candidates from 2020, who called for the abolition of ICE without offering an alternative border management plan.

Trump is also a master of distraction, and he has a polished record of new political storms to conceal scandals and dramas that could politically damage him.

He was lucky, too. The retreat of the Supreme Court judge, Anthony Kennedy, and a void that could solidify the court's ideological balance for a generation have held Washington's political imagination for more than a week.
Next week, Trump will go on a foreign trip. Profile photo ops, including a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which will push the separation question further into the background.

But all the time, several thousand children wonder when they will see their parents again. [196592002] Last month, it seemed as if a comprehensive television coverage of the human victims of segregation would cause irreversible political damage to the government.

It is a dangerous moment for any President, when failures make his government appear cold-blooded and indifferent to human suffering. The classic example is Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

If a commander-in-chief seems unable to change the course of events and his government seems to be buzzing, his credibility can also be quickly destroyed.

However, the normal rules of the presidential election were often suspended in the Trump era, and although opinion polls show that a majority of Americans oppose family divisions, the crucial facade of authority around Trump has not yielded.

Perhaps because children's terror yearns for their parents It unfolds in front of television viewers, moved by the plight of Americans dying to Katrina on the streets of New Orleans.

It could be that the Trump presidency – and its political career – has so many near-death moments that it can no longer sustain long-term damage.

Perhaps the reason for curbing political damage is that much of Trump's base is heavily invested in President's tough immigration policy, so there is little incentive for him to plunge into chaos.

But it becomes clear that the confusion is not nearly resolved – and there is every possibility for further public disasters – for example, for children

doubts about the ability of the Trump administration to re-educate children and their parents are compounded by their unwillingness or inability to publicly describe or explain the scale of the problem as to how much progress it is making to end the problem

On Thursday, Azar said that "below 3,000" children from separate families live in Custody were.

On Friday at a court hearing, HHS said the number "about" contained 101 children under 5.

But there is no certainty about how many children are still separated from their parents and how many families have been reunited – not to mention how the government will deal with new families crossing the border and who not they will probably still be treated as criminals under the zero tolerance policy.

The chaos does not look like it's going to be cleaned up in the foreseeable future.

CNN's Catherine Shoichet contributed to this report.

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